Anand Rathi Advisors Portfolio Plus PMS

Anand Rathi Advisors Portfolio Plus PMS

Portfolio Plus by Anand Rathi Advisors PMS invests in companies that have well-defined goals.
Mayur Shah is a trained financial planner with 13 years of investment advice, product creation, and portfolio management knowledge and is also a qualified financial planner.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2008
Number of Stocks 15-20
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Mayur Shah

About Fund Managers

Mayur Shah Anand Rathi

Mr Shah is a Trained Financial Planner and a Qualified MBA (Finance). He has over 13 years of investment consulting, product development, and portfolio management experience.

Unique Feature

 Investing in businesses having their objectives well-defined

Investment Philosophy

Mayur Shah manages PMS Portfolio Plus, a discretionary PMS product.

A concentrated portfolio of 15–20 MNC stocks, having at least 50% invested in large size companies. In terms of industries, this portfolio is well-diversified. MNCs benefit from a successful business strategy, a strong balance sheet, sound corporate governance, a better return ratio, and competitive risk adjusted returns.

The PMS Portfolio Plus has been handled by Anand Rathi since October 2011. It generates steady profits by investing in long-term portfolios. The Fund invests in 15-20 portfolios of shares with a cautious 50:50 blend of big and mid-cap shares focusing on domestic enterprises, asset light models and a high returns ratio. Briefly, the volatility of the fund is equally divided among large and medium-sized enterprises.

Anand Rathi is delighted of his excellent record year after year in delivering high returns.

The objective is to generate consistent long-term returns through a portfolio of companies with – excellent corporate governance and established records, consistent earnings in previous three to five years and transparent earnings with a predictable business model

The goal of Mayur Shah is to develop a long-term portfolio with low and low costs, while taking into account client profitability and post-tax profits.