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About Bharat Value Fund (BVF)

Bharat Value Fund: Series II is backed by the Pantomath Group, a globally present and leading diversified financial services group. They have secured a leadership position in the alternate capital market space and have evolved into a prominent mid-market investment bank. With one of the largest in-house private networks, Pantomath Group attracts top investors and facilitates global business synergies and growth capital for corporations. As a foremost independent investment banking organization, they pride themselves on providing a distinctive perspective and offering tailored, innovative solutions that significantly impact their clients’ businesses and wealth.

Fund Snapshot

Particulars Description
Category of Fund Category II Alternative Investment Fund (Close
Fund Size Up to INR 1,000 Crs (Plus Green Shoe of up to INR
1,000 Crs)
Term 5 years from the first close + 2 years
Management Fees 2% p.a.
Set-up Fees Waived
Hurdle Rate 10% (XIRR)
Carried Interest 20% (with catch-up)
Auditor Deloitte

Distinctive Features of the Bharat Value Fund

Investment Focus: To invest in Indian growth-stage businesses on the verge of significant breakout, joining the J curve trajectory of businesses at an inflection point.
Institutional Backing: Backed by the deep penetration and due diligence of Pantomath Group, the Fund aims to be the first institutional investor in the company.
Active Ownership: Provides an active ownership approach by assisting portfolio companies in strategy formulation, recruitment, business development, corporate governance, and financial advisory.
Exit Strategy: Targets companies that will provide exit through IPO, preferably within 3 years, focusing on value arbitrage without taking long-term risks.
Investment Ticket Size: Preferred investment ticket size is INR 75 Cr, with a unique asset allocation strategy.

Fund Highlights & Structure

Strategic Investment at Break-Out Stage: The fund targets businesses at their break-out stage, positioning itself to capitalize on companies poised for rapid growth and expansion.
Investment in Proven Business Models: Investments are made only in businesses with proven models, ensuring a solid foundation and lower risk for investors.
Growth Support Throughout the Investment Period: The fund provides comprehensive external support, including strategic guidance, recruitment assistance, business development, corporate governance, and financial advisory, to foster growth during the investment period.
Pre-IPO Value Chain Liquid Investment Matrix: The liquid investment matrix is designed to capture the entire value chain of businesses, ensuring liquidity and maximizing value as these companies prepare for their IPOs.


The investment strategy is centered around identifying the right opportunities in the market landscape. We focus on growth-stage companies with the potential to be IPO-ready within three years, prioritizing those with high-margin scalable business models entrenched in niche markets with substantial entry barriers. Additionally, we seek businesses operating in sectors aligned with the Make in India initiative, consumer goods, trade, and impact investing. Central to the approach is evaluating companies with strong promoter pedigree and a value system ingrained in their operations, while consciously avoiding environmentally irresponsible models. By honing in on these criteria, we aim to position the investments to capitalize on inflection points and unlock significant value for the stakeholders.

Fund Highlights & Structure

What is Bharat Value Fund's unique investment approach foc ed on?

Bharat Value Fund’s unique investment approach centres around identifying growth-stage companies poised for IPO readiness within three years, prioritizing high-margin scalable businesses with strong promoter pedigree and values alignment.

What are some red flags Bharat Value Fund actively avoiding when considering potential investments?

Bharat Value Fund actively avoids founders lacking focus or with multiple ventures, businesses with high capital expenditure requirements or long gestation periods, and sectors involving environmentally irresponsible practices or speculative industries.

How does Bharat Value Fund mitigate risks associated with potential investments?

Bharat Value Fund mitigates risks by thorough due diligence, evaluating factors like founder commitment, business scalability, and alignment with the fund’s values and investment criteria.

Could you explain Bharat Value Fund's preferred sectors for investment?

Bharat Value Fund prefers sectors aligned with initiatives like Make in India, consumer goods, trade, and impact investing, while avoiding commoditized businesses and industries lacking significant value addition.

Investment Committee

CA MadhuLunawat, CIO

CA Madhu Lunawat, has over two decades of diverse experience, including investment management, corporate finance, and M&A. Co-founder of Pantomath Group, CorpGini Innovations Pvt Ltd, and Lunawat Ventures. Previously held positions at Infosys, ASREC, and Edelweiss, serving as CFO at Edelweiss ARC before founding Pantomath. Known for decisive leadership, she manages the India Inflection Opportunity Fund and holds memberships with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Guwahati.

CA Nishad Khanolkar, President

Nishad Khanolkar is a seasoned finance industry leader with over two decades of experience in asset management, investment banking, private equity, M&A, and corporate finance. He was the ex-CEO of SP Growth Partners in Hong Kong, managing investments in sectors like Oil & Gas, Healthcare, and Hospitality across Asia. A key achievement includes exiting a petrochemical plant in the Philippines for US$ 125 million. He also manages the India Inflection Opportunity Fund. Nishad is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai.

Mr. Prasanna Pathak, Managing Partner

Prasanna brings over two decades of experience in fund management across domains like Mutual Funds, Insurance, PMS, and HNIs. He has worked with HLL, Franklin Templeton, UTIMF, India First Life Insurance, and Taurus MF. Starting as a research analyst, he advanced to roles such as Fund Manager, Head of Equity, CIO, and CEO. Most recently, he served as CEO at Taurus Mutual Fund, overseeing investments, business development, sales, compliance, operations, and audits. Prasanna holds a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Finance from S.P. Jain Institute of Management Sciences.

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