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About Company

Complete Circle offers personalised wealth management solutions tailored to your specific needs, backed by decades of combined team expertise. They see Complete Circle as a leader in simplifying equity-based specialised portfolio investment through PMS. They hope to change the Indian typical from one of the savers to one of the investors through high-quality solutions. Their goal is to become one of India’s most reputable PMS service providers.

Fund Snapshot

Strategy Name Complete Circle Digital Compounders
Fund Management Team Gurmeet Chadha, Kshitiz Mahajan
Category: Multi-Cap
Benchmark: Nifty 200
Management Fees: 1.50%
Minimum Investment: 50 Lakh

Why Complete Circle

If companies are divided into two quadrants based on digital intensity and transformation management intensity, the top right quadrant qualifies to be true digital advantage beneficiaries, because digital innovation is relevant not only in business operations and customer engagement but also in transforming leadership capabilities of IT-Business relationships.

  • Consider a decade-long pandemic that accelerated digital adoption by 2-3 years.
  • Every industry is undergoing digital transformation.
  • Businesses must digitise in order to survive, as data, artificial intelligence, and core technology systems grow exponentially.
  • Spending in the Digital Economy is Doubling: Nasscom
  • By 2030, the digital ecosystem may unlock $300 billion in opportunities, according to Bcg.

The Complete Circle Philosophy

The Complete Circle expresses the commitment to providing comprehensive coverage for individual portfolio needs. The entire cycle of portfolio management at Complete Circle begins with extensive and detailed ideation and formulation of an investment strategy, which is then subjected to a rigorous and timely performance evaluation. The satisfied achievement of your financial objectives completes this investing circle.

Investment Objective

Digital Compounders is focused on achieving long-term, consistent capital gain by investing in high-quality firms that use technology and technical expertise to create economic moats across industries. Through the financial literacy efforts, they hope to raise investor understanding of equities investing and PMS products, as well as promote wider financial inclusion. They want to do this by adding value to all players involved in the process of changing India into an investor-friendly country.

Complete Circle Capital was founded by seasoned people from various professions who came together to promote the concept of simpler PMS investment. They want to fill a need in the wealth management industry. We aim to work together to channel variables like investment duration, horizon, asset allocation, and financial goal attainment. They believe in working together and want to shift the investment attitude from one fund manager to a team approach, using the depth of the skills and the breadth of the team’s experience to help you achieve your financial goals.

Investment Approach

Businesses that have been hand-picked for the PMS solution have a high ROCE while using less leverage. Companies are also chosen by the PMS based on technological superiority and technical knowledge. These are companies that gain a competitive advantage via innovation, strong governance and leadership, and a margin of safety.

This PMS product’s approach is benchmark and sector independent. It emphasises absolute return rather than relative return. Complete Circle Digital Compounders PMS invests in Listed Equity Companies, ETFs, Bonds, and Mutual Fund Units over the long term to generate a capital gain.

Risk Management

  • Per Stock Limit: 12%
  • Per Group Limit: 25%
  • Sector Limit: 35%
  • Universe: Not under 2000 Cr of Market Cap
  • Red flags :
    • Financial red flags – Unusual accounting policy practices (capitalisation of costs, overvaluing of inventory/reserves/off-balance sheet assets), Consecutive negative OCF despite rising in PAT.
    • Non Financial red flags – Suspicious connected party transactions, governance issues

About Fund Managers

Gurmeet Chadha – Managing Partner

Gurmeet is a well-known figure in the banking and wealth management world, with over 20 years of expertise serving retail and corporate clients. He has a distinguished background that includes employment with industry stalwarts such as HDFC Bank and several capacities at Reliance Mutual Fund. Gurmeet served as Vice President – Investments at Citibank, where he was accountable for AUMs of Rs 600Cr.


Kshitiz Mahajan – Managing Partner

Kshitiz is the CEO of CCC and has over 20 years of experience with companies such as Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management, Canara Robeco MF, and Motilal Oswal Asset Management. Kshitiz handled an Asset Portfolio of 7,000 crores during his previous corporate stint at Motilal Oswal AMC before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey. Kshitiz is a seasoned invitee at management institutes like MDI, IIFT, and SRCC. He is a sought-after expert across major Equity and MF platforms. On and off the screen, he is a fitness fanatic who has inspired generations to take up the health cause.

Investment Philosophy

Complete Circle investing strategy for the portfolio management services is to capitalise on the Indian economy’s latent potential, which we believe is poised to rise multi-fold over the next decade. With a five-year long-term perspective, the portfolio manager may, at their discretion, keep a portfolio investment beyond that horizon if judged appropriate and not beyond the PMS agreement’s duration.

Market risk, unsystematic risk, liquidity risk, regulatory risk, currency, credit events, and more briefly described in the PMS disclosure document apply to investments in the PMS product under the aforementioned investing methodology.


What are the USPs of The Complete Circle Wealth?

  • Providing expertise and trust to a new generation of Indian equities investors
  • Investing in specialist firms for the long term in order to achieve long-term capital growth
  • From conception through strategy and evaluation to financial target achievement, we handle all aspects of portfolio management.
  • Managed by seasoned specialists with total expertise of more than 100 years

What is the minimum investment of the Complete Circle Digital Compounders fund?

Rs.50 Lakhs only. Add-ons are available in multiples of Rs.1 Lakh.

What is the structure of the Complete Circle Digital Compounders fund?

Multi-cap investments in mid to large-cap equity and equity-related securities, mutual fund units, bonds and domestic and offshore ETFs.

What is the fund opportunity of Complete Circle Digital Compounders?

  • India’s exports hit a new high of $418 billion in FY22, increasing 40% year on year.
  • Engineering, electronics, gems and jewellery are driving growth.
  • Manufacturing, construction, real estate, agricultural and food processing, retail, and healthcare have all seen an increase in productivity.

What do Complete Circle Digital Compounders look for in businesses?

Digital compounders are businesses which are ahead of the curve in:

  • Technology adoption at every level of the value chain, from back end to front end
  • Every process in the organisation is being transformed digitally, with an emphasis on ROI.
  • Investing in technical proficiency and qualities that are ahead of the norm
  • Capex is driven by innovation
  • Developing a strong economic moat and reaping benefits for all stakeholders
  • Everything revolves around innovation and digital change.

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