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Investing is all about finding someone you can put your faith in to solve your concerns.
We exist to help you discover solutions.
We are one of India's newest and fastest growing asset management firms, and a proud part of the Edelweiss Group. We believe in listening to you, understanding your issues, and then providing answers. We believe in accomplishing something that will last a lifetime. Company has its own value which includes We are about customers. You first, simple.We take care of our biggest asset – our people. We love our team.We go above and beyond to solve your problems and build solutions for you.We’re open and transparent in our communication. We say it like it is, no mumbo jumbo.We manage your hard-earned money with care and honesty.Technology should make your life easier. And we make that happen.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception NA
Number of Stocks NA
Investment Horizon 3-5 Years

About Fund Managers

Gautam Berry has been trading in Indian equities for over 8 years. He is the Fund Manager of Edelweiss Asset Management Limited’s Event Arbitrage PMS Investment Approach. In addition, he assists in the management of the Alternative Equity, Catalyst, and Consumer Trends Funds.  Prior to joining Edelweiss AMC in 2014, he worked at Transfolign Consulting as a consultant, where his primary competencies were business transformation, process development, and control system development. He was also honored for effectively performing company entrance studies utilizing publicly accessible market data, forecasting growth patterns, and offering investment advice. He holds a CFA Charter from the CFA Institute, as well as a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the United States, and a Bachelor in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University.

Utsav Mehta, (CFA), runs the Catalyst & Consumer Trends Fund at Edelweiss Asset Management Limited as the Fund Manager for Alternative Equities. He is also a key member of the Alternative Equity Fund’s management team. Utsav has more than a decade of fundamental research and Indian equities experience. Previously, Utsav was the Head of Industrials and Infrastructure at Ambit Capital before joining Edelweiss. The Institutional Equities team is a group of people that work in the financial sector. He was a member of India Industrial Research, which was named by Asiamoney. In that function, I’ve been on the team for the past two years. • He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certificate and is a Mumbai graduate. Utsav thinks that learning, humility, and self-criticism are the keys to success. pillars for success in any field.

Unique Feature

Fixed Income Investments with Fixed Returns on Maturity and Tax benefits

Investment Philosophy

Pure yield structures are an excellent way of investing in fixed income debt. These structures are made for investors who need reasonable capital protection and fixed return on maturity. These structures provide higher yields than other fixed-income debt instruments. As the nature of these instruments is listed secured market linked debentures, returns of more than one year are treated as capital gains. Due to this, applicable tax on the returns is lower than traditional fixed income instruments. To make these instruments behave like pure yield debentures, fixed returns payoff is linked to distant and least probable market conditions like Nifty not correcting more than 75%. 

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