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About Company

Enam AMC was started in 1997 and has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a portfolio manager since 1998.

We have effectively used a two-pronged approach to asset management throughout our journey: world-class research paired with knowledge-based portfolio management. This strategy has helped us build Enam AMC as the leading alternative in the Indian capital markets for long-term wealth generation for our customers.

Enam AMC has an unrivalled reputation in the market for trust and leadership. As a consequence, we have some of the world's most renowned institutions as clients, including UHNIs, HNIs, Indian Corporates, NRIs, global family offices, and global institutional investors such as Sovereign Wealth Funds and Pension Funds.

Fund Snapshot

Minimum investment INR 25 million
Redemption 30 days’ notice
Cash limit 0-100%
Benchmarks CNX 500

Unique Feature

EIDEA is a product that channel partners may sell, and it allows customers’ money to be invested in SMAs (separately managed accounts). EIDEA clients profit from having a unique and independent bank account and demat account as well as our skilled channel marketing team’s services. The brokerage account is also at a pool level, susceptible to the aggregation of purchases or sells for economies of scale. The trades will be conducted as a group, and they will be distributed to individual accounts following completion.

There are about 20 equities in this long-only, high-conviction portfolio. The portfolio is built after examining high-quality, fundamentally sound firms with the potential to execute for reliable long-term development and buying the best of them at reasonable prices. Our careful risk management practices guarantee a well-balanced portfolio and aim to produce higher results on a risk-adjusted basis. Long-term ownership of these prospects is what we retain in order to provide alpha to our clients consistently.

  • For efficient portfolio management, EIDEA successfully integrates top-down economic research with bottom-up fundamental analysis.
  • Deliver great overall performance over two to three years, outperforming benchmarks and competitors.
  • To protect money and value, control risk.
  • Make long-term investments in companies with execution skills and competitive advantages that will enable them to develop consistently and profitably.
  • Choose carefully the medium-term possibilities economic cycles, and temporary disruptions bring.
  • Invest in profitable valuations
  • Create a focused portfolio.
  • systematically varying one’s portfolio’s size and sectors
  • Each portfolio customer has a separate bank account, Demat account, and custody account in their segregated accounts.
  • The brokerage account and liquid mutual fund investments account will be the same, subject to aggregated purchases or sells for economies of scale. The trades will be conducted collectively, and following execution, they will be distributed to individual accounts.
  • Reinvesting dividends from the underlying stocks
  • The product does not compensate investors in the interim.

In order to offer investing solutions focused on equities, the fundamental Equities platform was established in 1997. By continually using our mindset and approach, it aims preservation and long-term capital growth. EIDEA is a continuation of flagship product ENAM India Core Equity Portfolio, which over the previous 17 years has achieved a 22.2% CAGR (vs. 15.6% Nifty 500). (ending March 2018).

  • ENAM Asset Management, a stand-alone division founded in 1997, offers specialist investment solutions to Indian families, businesses, NRIs, and international organizations.
  • Indicator of Value
  • Managed discretionary accounts: May be altered to satisfy tax and investment needs
  • Mandates for institutional investors to consult
  • Prioritize the needs of the client, open, and value-adding
  • Team with experience, stability, and skill
Reliable Platform, Engagement & Capabilities

ENAM has installed cutting-edge infrastructure, which enables us to:

  • Boutique-level specialization and the solidity of a bigger company
  • Expertise in research, exclusive tools, and many industry contacts
  • Processes for risk management and discipline that have been tried and tested through time and across cycles
  • An ongoing dialogue on your portfolio and current affairs

ENAM pioneered many practices that have now become industry standards. For example:

Accounts separately handled, and different service providers handle the administration and audit

Investment Objective

Generate capital appreciation through investments in equities with a long-term perspective.

Investment Approach

Construct a high quality, high conviction, long-only portfolio and Allocation across industries and capitalization ranges including companies which are typically under-researched and offer a higher return potential

About The Team

Vallabh Bhanshali
Founder and chairman of Enam Group

 Vallabh Bhanshali is a graduate of law from Mumbai university. By profession, he is a Chartered Accountant. Mr Bhanshali started his career as an accountant. He later shifted to the security market and has been acing it ever since. Mr Bhanshali is known as an investment banker, investor, and venture capitalist. He had played the role of director of the board of several companies before he founded his own company. Mr Bhanshali founded his own company Enam Group in 1984. He has been the trustee of the Bombay stock exchange. Mr Bhanshali has also been a member of the Reserve bank of India(RBI) and committees of the Security and Exchange Board of India(SEBI). The honour of citation of “Veteran Economist of the Capital Markets” has been bestowed upon him by the Indian Business Council.

Mr Nemish Shah
Founder Of Enam Group

Nemish Shah is the co-founder of the Enam group alongside Vallabh Bhanshali, which they founded in 1984. Enam Group has orchestrated India’s finest and most successful IPOs under Mr Shah’s Leadership and guidance. He has also designed the Enam group’s investment research strategy. The title of pioneer of modern Indian finance and investment research is bestowed upon him. Mr Nemish Shah is a well-known philanthropist and proponent of higher education. Foundation for liberal and management education as a mode of uplifting the standard of teaching was instituted by him.

Mr Jiten Doshi
Founder and CIO of Enam AMC

Jiten Doshi is a graduate of Mumbai university. He is one of the Co-founders of Enam Group. Mr Doshi is currently working as the Chief Investment Officer at Enam AMC. He is responsible for all the investment-related matters and the day-to-day working of the company. Mr Doshi has experience of over 30 years. He has also founded the Listed equity managed account business, which works accounts at Enam AMC. Mr DOshi is a trusted advisor to various management bodies on transparency, corporate governance, disclosure, and shareholder value creation.

Portfolio Advantage

Leading investment manager Enam AMC specializes in India-listed stocks for both local and foreign investors. Advisory services and discretionary managed accounts are among our products. We view ourselves as trustees of our customers’ assets and we customize our portfolio according to the client’s exclusive needs  and preferences in order to optimize their returns.

This company manages the portfolios of hundreds of clients with assets totalling billions of dollars in the city. The HNIs, corporate customers, and international institutional investors are the major target markets for the Enam Asset Management PMS.

The group at this company, that is in charge of investment planning, strategy, and execution is skilled and competent in this area. Before investing any of the clients’ money, they do extensive study and analysis thanks to their years of expertise.


  • Established by Independent Professionals who have shown significant collaboration
  • The organization has a solid corporate governance system that is integrated with its unique beliefs and values, which direct its long-term commercial objectives.
  • Controlled by professionals – No employment or dealings with linked parties
  • The business has had lucrative growth for two decades, but instead of paying dividends to its stockholders, it has reinvested all earnings in further development and growth.
  • One of the well-capitalized asset management businesses in India with a clear business strategy


  • Founded on values and guided by principles is the company’s motto.
  • A deeply ingrained belief in good corporate governance, disclosure requirements, and openness
  • Global footprint that is diverse and regulated in six different countries
  • Exemplary track record of never violating any compliance obligations in any country
  • Since the company’s founding, there have been zero consumer complaints to any regulatory authority.
  • A pioneer in creating standards for the industry

About the Product

ENAM India diversified equity advantage portfolio is a product for distribution by channel partners provided by ENAM Asset management. In this, the clients’ money and funds are invested on a separately managed account basis. EIDEA clients benefit from the channel marketing team’s knowledge and experience.

The clients also hold an advantage due to having an individual and separate bank and Demat account. EIDEA keeps its prime focus and objective to deliver a strong performance over a long period. The EIDEA brokerage account is at a pool level due to the aggregation of purchases and sales for economies of scale. Trades are executed through the collection post, which is allocated to individual accounts.

EIDEA targets and reviews well-positioned businesses that have long-term growth potential. They only consider high-quality companies. The EIDEA team attempts to acquire the best of them at the most attractive valuation.

They focus on beating the already set benchmarks and peers. EIDEA also manages risk and, at the same time, preserves capital and value with the support of their impeccable risk management measures, which ensure a balanced portfolio. They also seek complete ownership of the opportunities to ensure consistent alpha is delivered to their clients.

Investment Process

Keeping in mind the five pillars. EIDEA follows a particular investment process.

Step 1 Investment Universe: EIDEA conducts a comprehensive screening of the companies, including over 200 companies. They look at companies across various sectors and a capitalization range. EIDEA have an investment process which they follow:

Step 2 Research and Analysis: EIDEA team conducts a deeply competitive, operational, financial, and valuation analysis of companies. They search for companies that fulfill the criteria they have set for investments.

Step 3 Ideation and Investment Decision: EIDEA has an idea generation process that focuses on a series of stocks of over 200+ companies.

Step 4 Monitoring: They create packages of the best portfolios for their clients. EIDEA team also mitigates risk through portfolio construction.

Step 5 Sell: EIDEA team sells the holdings price crosses, which might have gone beyond the estimated value.

Investment Philosophy

Enam India diversified equity advantage AMC is a disciplined and impeccable investment philosophy tested and put under scrutiny over a long period. They have set five pillars of investment philosophy for themselves, which they stick by while seeking value-driven investments. These five pillars are:

Business opportunities: ENAM AMC assesses the size and scale of the options. They focus on businesses with vital performance records and high quality. They only consider structurally well-positioned companies.

Longevity: One of the essential criteria which they consider is long-term growth. They focus on sustainability, and they stand by the business they select. EIDEA determines long-term competitive advantage. They also predict and assess the adaptability and resilience of the opportunities. They evaluate the replicability of the business model of the options they are observing.

Management Quality: They analyse the management team and the working of any business while evaluating the companies.EIDEA attempts to determine the integrity and intellect of the leadership team. They also assess the management teams’ balance between ambition and pragmatism. EIDEA also put under scrutiny the business’s alignment between objectives and goals. In the long run, they also determine their capacity for innovation and adaptation.

 Value Accretion: EIDEA confirms the extent of free cash flow. The team assesses the return on incremental capital. EIDEA practices caution against improper and destructive capital allocation and disproportionate returns on gradual improvement.

Culture of discipline: ENAM India diversified equity advantage has a very disciplined way of functioning, which they stand by. The EIDEA team refrain from ignorance and denial drive averaging. They focus on every stage of the investment process.


  • A business specializing in portfolio management with just one investing approach
  • The only socially responsible portfolio manager in India
  • Longest tenured single manager in history
  • Long-standing investing team with knowledge of many business cycles
  • Authentic performance history disclosure
  • The first Indian supplier of portfolio management services with a track record of GIPS compliance
  • Efforts made to create a comprehensive ESG framework
  • Enam AMC is a member of the Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative, which is supported by The United Nations (PRI)


What are the benefits of investing with EIDEA?

  • Get advantage of experienced fund managers.
  • Flexible commission model.
  • Availability of a vast variety of investment plans.
  • Get a portfolio in detail view.
  • Receive back office reports from time to time.
  • Updating about portfolios via Email and SMS

What are the types of commission involved in ENAM PMS?

ENAM PMS includes Prepaid commission, Profit Sharing % commission, and volume % commission.

How does ENAM work on their investment strategy?

ENAM follows a particular five-process strategy. It includes the following:

  • Selecting the best 200 companies from different sectors with specific capitalisation limits.
  • The next step is for checking whether the stocks are meeting the investment criteria.
  • A bottom-up strategy is followed, and then 30-40 stocks are selected.
  • Monitoring the portfolios day in and day out.
  • Selling the stocks when they reach the intrinsic value.

What is the specific fee structure of ENAM?

Contact https://aifpms.com/ . Write your investment queries and we will get back to you soon

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Disclaimer: Investing Involves Risk. This document is for information purposes only and should not be viewed as a legal offering document or solicitation. Offers to invest in this fund are made only by the Discretionary Portfolio Management Services Agreement. Past performance does not guarantee future results and there is no assurance that the managed accounts will necessarily achieve their objectives. We do not guarantee any returns in the hand of investors not we take any sort of accountability for the performance of the scheme. The above-mentioned data is collected from the respected Fund house please verify the same at SEBI website.