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About Company

Enam Asset Management Company Private Limited (often known as “Enam AMC”) was established by the Enam Group in 1997. Its main goal as a registered portfolio manager with SEBI is to establish itself as the top option for investors for long-term wealth generation in the Indian Capital Market.

About Enam

Enam AMC’s guiding principle has been “Founded on Values, Driven by Trust” from its start. We have outperformed our benchmark for the past 20 years thanks to our investing approach. We have built a solid network of real-world connections across sectors, giving us a deep understanding and familiarity with various organizations.

Our investing team’s knowledge, skill, and experience enable us to provide customers with sustainable results.

We have established ourselves as a preferred partner to wealth management and consulting businesses by emphasizing investing solely in stocks listed in India. UHNIs, HNIs, Indian corporations, NRIs, and international institutional investors make up our clientele.

ENAM Group has operated in the stock market for more than three decades. The ENAM Group’s investment management division, ENAM Asset Management Company (EAMC), is credited with inventing Portfolio Management Services (PMS) in India. Mr. Vallabh Bhanshali, Mr. Nemish Shah, and Mr. Jiten Doshi are the founding members of ENAM AMC. Our market leadership and one of the largest portfolio management services in India due to our focus on a single asset class and a single investment strategy under the direction of our longest-tenured single manager, Mr. Jiten Doshi (Co-Founder & CIO), are testaments to our excellence. Trust, exclusivity and strategic acumen form the basis of the organization.

The ENAM AMC team is ably supported by the following:

  • Well-developed research skills
  • Modern systems and technology, as well as customized, proprietary tools
  • Relationships with many businesses that span a variety of well-established industries
  • Procedures for rigorous risk management that are updated over time and across market cycles
  • Proven investment methods and philosophy

Since our start, we have maintained a continuous track record of outperforming major indexes despite shifting market conditions thanks to our skilled stock-picking procedure. ENAM AMC does not invest in companies that engage in gambling, drunkenness, or anything else that would hurt living things by its ethical investing philosophies.

Investment Objective

Invest in shares with the intention of capital growth and a long-term outlook.

  • Structural growth throughout time
  • Flexicap approach with responsible risk The “CORE” of a client’s equity 
  • Allocation is controlled through security selection supported by thorough research.

Evaluation & Selection Criteria:

  • Invest in businesses that give access to a few megatrends and take advantage of the potential for structural development.
  • Concentrated portfolio with employment at between 15 and 30 enterprises.

The investment philosophy of the Enam AMC guides the industry analysis and company selection, with a focus on the following:

  • The market magnitude of the opportunity
  • Business positioning and alignment with India’s growth narrative
  • Flexible business structures
  • Longevity and long-term viability of the company
  • Prospects for structural growth and ability to produce superior earnings growth
  • Capital effectiveness, production of operating cash flow, and value addition
  • Corporate Governance and Management Excellence

The investment team plans to pursue opportunities in industries with a reasonable degree of industry consolidation, with a small number of companies accounting for the lion’s share of the industry’s profits. We look for businesses that can reinvest a significant portion of their earnings in expanding their operations and have superior capital efficiency relative to their cost of capital.

Both the management and the promoters are crucial. We like to work with management teams focused on providing minority shareholders long-term value (the average time horizon is greater than 5–10 years). To qualify for inclusion in our universe and the Enam India Vision portfolio, the company must pass through numerous quantitative filters and qualitative assessments on governance, capital allocation, return ratios, cashflow generation, long-term growth drivers, capability to innovate, and remain relevant to customers/clients, talent acquisition, etc.

Portfolio Construction And Its Benchmark

The portfolio of the Enam India Vision will include businesses from various market capitalization segments and industries. 15–30 companies will make up the portfolio, with the flexibility to adjust the concentration based on macro trends, industry performance, portfolio liquidity, and a tailored framework for risk management. The flexible market cap orientation and portfolio positioning align with the Nifty 500. Minimum investment is 50 Lacs.

Operational Structure:

  • The initial corpus of Rs. 50 lakh is the minimum ticket size, and there is an opportunity for later top-ups.
  • Demat accounts that are separate for every portfolio customer.
  • Unless a client is an NRI, the bank account will be at the pool level.
  • The trades will be executed in bulk, and after execution, they will be divided among the various accounts. For NRI clients, a separate broking account will be opened.

The concept note covers the following:

  • Indian Economy – Macro Drivers
  • EIVP- Product Outline & Description
  • Evaluation & Selection Criteria
  • Portfolio Construction & Benchmark
  • Operational Structure

Indian Economy – Resilient Amidst Challenges

India’s economy is the fifth-largest in the world. It has faced several macro shocks, including the healthcare crisis, geopolitical unrest, supply chain disruptions, high-interest rate increases, and erratic capital flows. Still, it has yet to emerge as one of its peers’ fastest-growing economies. This was made possible by a carefully constructed policy framework that passes the test of economic toughness. The economy is currently poised to transition from an era of consolidation (2016–21) to a phase of expansion (2023-31).

The nation, which has made a name for itself as a secure market, is well-positioned to surpass USD 10 trillion by 2031.

International investors have recognized its long-term potential. This multi-year structural growth journey will pave the path for new development engines across several potential investment topics.

Fund Manager Profile

Mr. Jiten Doshi
Mr. Jiten Doshi
Mr. Jiten Doshi

Jiten Doshi is a Mumbai University graduate. He was a founding member of the Enam Group. At the moment, Mr. Doshi serves as Enam AMC’s chief investment officer. He is in charge of managing the company’s daily operations and other investment-related issues. Mr. Doshi has more than 30 years of expertise. The Listed Equity Managed Account Company, which manages accounts at Enam AMC, is another company he started. Mr. DOshi serves as a valued counsel to several management bodies on issues related to shareholder value development, corporate governance, and transparency.

Unique Feature


  • Our enduring partnership with our current clients
    20+ years of track record through various market cycles
  • Client’s best interests at the forefront


  • No model portfolio methodology, only a holistic, custom approach to portfolio development
  • Connection with clients in person regularly
  • Our investors include Indian corporates, non-resident Indians, resident Indian families, and international institutional investors.

Strategic Acumen

  • Our research and investment team has extensive knowledge of industry research capabilities.
  • By consistently generating greater returns throughout market cycles, our team has shown the same.
    tools for private research and risk management

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Disclaimer: Investing Involves Risk. This document is for information purposes only and should not be viewed as a legal offering document or solicitation. Offers to invest in this fund are made only by the Discretionary Portfolio Management Services Agreement. Past performance does not guarantee future results and there is no assurance that the managed accounts will necessarily achieve their objectives. We do not guarantee any returns in the hand of investors not we take any sort of accountability for the performance of the scheme. The above-mentioned data is collected from the respected Fund house please verify the same at SEBI website.