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About Company

Equirus Capital was establish in July 2007 with a primary focus on mergers and acquisitions and private equity advising.
Equirus has established excellent credentials and market status in a variety of fields, and has carved out a niche for itself in its ability to organise and implement transactions in accordance with customer needs.Equirus began Institutional Equities & Research in January 2010 with BSE and NSE membership with staff in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.Equirus launched its ECM expertise in 2011 with market-leading initial public offerings (IPOs) for L&T Finance and TD Power.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2016
Number of Stocks 15
Investment Horizon 3-5 Years
Scheme Equirus Long Horizon Fund
Subscription On Monthly Basis
Management Fee 1% per annum charged on monthly basis based on average AUM of the month
Performance Fee Fee of 20% of the profits above Hurdle Rate
Hurdle Rate 10% per annum
Exit Load 2% in Year 1, 1% in Year 2
Redemption Notice At least 30 days
NAV Calculation Monthly, on the Valuation Day (last Business Day of each month)
Reporting Monthly account statement, monthly fact sheet, quarterly letter, Semi annual audit
PMS Administrator Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd.
Fund Manager Name Viraj Mehta

PMS Advisory Board

Mr. Amit Chaudhary is a global business leader with 20 years of diversified

experience in Asia in CPG, Consumer Internet, Consulting, and Private Equity.

Procter & Gamble, JPMorgan, Arthur Andersen, and MOPE alumni

Dawaa Dost, India’s 1 Affordable Healthcare Company, is now being built.

Amit is also an active investor in early-stage technology and CPG/DTC firms. He holds a Chartered Accountant (AIR1) designation and a commerce degree from St. Xavier’s College in Calcutta.

He is looking forward to creating a platform for long-term investments to be channeled into value firms and successful entrepreneurs.

Unique Features

Equirus Long Horizon Fund Portfolio Management Services (PMS) specializes in placing focused long-term wagers on publicly traded, high-quality Indian companies at fair prices. Our main objective as investment managers is to provide notable outperformance over the larger Indian indices over a 3-5 year period. We firmly adhere to the bottom-up methodology, and all businesses must pass our meticulous and thorough checklist. With this strategy, we can consider various securities investments across market capitalization. Unlike some companies that promise to make investments based on quality, growth, earnings momentum, or value, we are not constrained or biased. We take into account businesses in various industries without imitating any index.

The value and quality synergies are the foundation of the Equirus PMS investment concept. We want to invest in companies with long-term growth potential that are yet mostly unknown. Companies must possess the characteristics most important to long-term growth—qualities that investors have come to appreciate through time—and be trading below their intrinsic value to be eligible for inclusion in our portfolio.

Equirus Portfolio Management Services (PMS) primarily aims to make focused long-term bets.

  • They are steadfast in accepting high-quality publicly traded Indian enterprises at fair prices.
  • They have a very skilled and competent crew that can perform at a high level.
  • They search for companies that have the potential to grow into industry leaders and pursue maximum earnings growth with minimal turnover.
Investing results

As its name suggests, the Equirus Long Horizon Fund makes long-term investments in listed securities with a three to five year time frame. Even though it’s the ideal recipe for above-average long-term profits, our devotion to good processes, sensible investment methods, and flexibility to invest in great businesses/franchises have already begun to show benefits. After more than a year after our launch, we have provided a return of about 19%. According to each client’s enrollment into the PMS, returns differ.

A Guide to Selling

You must be aware that over the past year, we have left four positions, primarily for the reasons listed below:

– Thesis is developing more quickly than anticipated with strong front-ended returns

– The initial hypothesis being incorrect or not occurring as expected

– A changing business climate that makes expected profits unappealing while stock prices remain reasonable

-Government regulations or a changing business climate hurt a company’s operations. Very high capex is financed by debt and outside equity but does not produce growth. Coming soon is a greater opportunity (in case the portfolio is fully invested)

These categories could be used to group our “sell” selections. Investments are more like moving pictures than still ones. In business, dynamics continue to change, for the better or worse. We must keep an eye on this, throw out the ones that are getting worse and keep/add. The ones that are progressing or on course.

About Fund Manager

Mr. Viraj Mehta – Managing Director Of Equirus Capital
Viraj Mehta


Viraj Mehta is a 13-year investing veteran who was selected by WSJ as one of Asia’s Master Stock Pickers. He formerly worked with Franklin Templeton as lead analyst for managing the small companies fund and was awarded the best small cap MF scheme by CRISIL & Business Standard. He also worked with Value Quest Capital LLP.

Viraj Mehta is a management professional from Management Development Institute, a premier management institute in India. He is a renowned fund manager with a proven track record and comes with more than a decade of experience. The Wall Street Journal recognised Viraj as “Asia’s Master Stock Picker”.  


What is the Investment Philosophy of Equirus Long Horizon Fund?

The investment philosophy of Equirus is based on value and quality. Equirus Long horizon Fund searches for businesses that can become future business leaders. They look for long-term business investing qualities that have the potential for prosperity and growth.

What is the Long horizon fund strategy by Equirus?

It is the long-term strategy of the stocks that are listed in Indian companies. These are high-quality stocks recognised and rewarded by investors over time. The investment range for this strategy is of 3-5 years approx.

Does Equirus serve only Indian Clients?

No, Equirus serves both Indian as well as international clients.

Explain the investment approach of Equirus long fund?

Equirus Long Fund horizon follows a Bottom-up approach, where all companies have to clear the detailed checklist set by Equirus. Equirus is not limited to the basis of quality, growth, earnings momentum or value.

Is Equirus Long Fund Horizon restricted to a particular industry or company?

Equirus Long Fund horizon is not restricted or biased regardless of any small, medium, or large capital firms or industries.

What are the benefits of investing with Equirus long fund PMS?

Long funds are the best choice if you are looking for higher returns in less time than Equirus. The return rates of Equirus long funds are more than any other venture in the industry. You can even track the company’s record for making effective choices in terms of investing.

How to call and reach Equirus long fund PMS customer care?

For more details you can easily contact https://aifpms.com/contact/ .

Write your queries and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I invest with Equirus long fund PMS?

You can easily invest in Equirus long fund PMS by filling a form available at AIF & PMS Experts India. You can also talk to our Experts on 8368586435 or 98811 56123 for personal assistance in investing.

For more details you can easily contact us on https://aifpms.com/contact


What about exit in Equirus Long horizon Fund?

Exit will only be there in two cases:
when stocks have attained their objective or when Equirus thesis is not at all working.

Investment Philosophy

Their core philosophy is to invest in small-cap and mid-cap companies available at attractive valuations. The fund invests in niche companies across segments/sectors with strong ratios and balance sheets. Apart from the company’s past performance and analytics, they also emphasise on integrity and competence of businesses.

The Equirus Value System

  • Client First Focus
  • Commitment to the Last
  • Data-Driven Objectivity
  • Ethical Dealing with all Stakeholders
  • Building Relationship: 225+ Deals with 156 clients

What Equirus looks for in companies


  • Sales growth
  • Improving margins

Balance sheet

  • No or low debt
  • Deleveraging situations with high interest coverage

Return metrics

  • High returns on capital employed through increasing margins and/or asset turns


  • High integrity with skin in the game
  • Prudent capital allocation

Attractive Valuation

  • Low analyst coverage/institutional holdings
  • Market ignoring long term potential

Portfolio Characteristics

  • Number of businesses: 19 companies
  • Current cash position: 18.9%
  • Last 3 years average earnings growth: 7.3%
  • Latest portfolio ROE: 10.2%
  • Current Portfolio PE (TTM): 17.5x
  • Acquisition Portfolio PE (TTM): 13.2x
  • Churn: 19% per annum (Excluding the buying/selling of Liquid Mutual Funds, stocks given to us by our investors and capital redemption by the investors)

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Equirus Long Horizon Fund

AMC Name: Equirus Wealth Inc Date: 20-Oct-16
Mid & Small Cap
887.86 Strategy 1.35 6.77 24.51 43.65 11.54 26.27 28.65 NA 24.45
S&P BSE 500 TRI 8.03 12.35 18.51 26.55 15.14 20.40 17.63 NA 15.54

Equirus Core Equity

AMC Name: Equirus Wealth Inc Date: 5/27/22
Multi Cap
54.36 Strategy 2.76 4.13 9.16 24.59 NA NA NA NA 23.63
S&PBSE500TRI 8.03 12.35 18.51 26.55 NA NA NA NA 25.38

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