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Helios Capital

Helios India Rising PMS was launched on March 16, 2020, and is managed by Helios Capital Management (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The portfolio began to grow over time, and investments gradually increased, but the rate accelerated rapidly during July 2020, when it reached 80%. By August 2021, there were 99% investments invested into this fund Master Portfolio Class Non-STP. Additionally, the billion-dollar real estate industry has seen a huge growth in venture capital. 

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 16, Mar 2020
Number of Stocks 15 – 25
Investment Horizon Long term
Fund Managers Dinshaw Irani

About Company

Helios has it all. We’ll teach you how to generate deal flow, analyse private equity funds and venture capital performance right on your desktop or tablet!

Helios identifies the potential sponsors for sell-side M&A transactions or follow-on rounds. We determine the best partners, co-investors and buyers from an existing strategy that will unlock growth opportunities in your company’s business model. 

There are two levels of rejection when it comes to Helios. The first level is reducing all possible outcomes down into one specific category, which means that everything in this group will have something in common with every other member within its class. Second-level Rejection occurs intra-, meaning only among members themselves; though here, you might question things such as “Can’t Be Rejected On Any Factor.” 

AIF PMS has an approach to investing that attempts long-term outperformance and does so by being objective and data-driven.

At AIF & PMS Experts, we have a vision of establishing trust with our clients and maintaining transparency. We want to create wealth for them over time by using analytics tools that will assist us in achieving these goals!

Investment Philosophy 

While it’s true that good stock selection and portfolio building are required to achieve consistent returns, there is one thing you must first understand: namely, four key questions. These will determine the soundness of your investment strategy for years ahead!

  • What are the stocks to buy? 
  • What are the time horizons to look for? 
  • How many stocks to buy at a time? 
  • When is the appropriate time to sell? 

If we talk about triggers, they may produce excellent results. In other words, there’s more optimism about the future from here on out! Stimuli might also be external to company-anticipated government regulations, court rulings or clarity on open matters like M&A – it all depends on what you want your employee engagement strategy to do for you as an organisation.

Sometimes the market is too volatile for us to predict which way a stock will go. That’s why we sometimes use anticipated medium-term triggers (events) as an opportunity to look into equities that may be benefiting from some event in advance of its occurrence, even if it means waiting until after these events happen before completely selling our stocks off them. A venture capital insurance is the best way to be protected from such risks.

Unique Feature

There is no time like the present to invest in this organization. You now have the potential to make significant profits from huge, well-established companies with a clear moat and strong earnings! Even though we anticipate strong growth from these stocks for many years to come, we reserve the right to sell them if the values get too high.

The goal behind venture capital financing possibilities is to identify which startups can become important players in their industries by attaining large profit margins with our financial guidance and marketing instead of simply pouring money into businesses in the hope that it would make us rich.

The AMC Helios India Investment Rising PMS bases its actions on three principles:

  • To always collaborate authentically and with great care, 
  • To create cycles of success for all involved parties in every transaction they take on,
  • To understand the market and emerging technology and values.

Strong theme/size of the opportunity

Although we are bottom-up investors, we think that bottom-up stop selecting performs best when supported by a strong theme, sector, or favorable “big picture.” We are long-term investors, but doing so demands a solid grasp of the theme (basically, the magnitude of the opportunity) since it enables one to stick onto a company even if it briefly rises in price due to excellent returns.

Long-term does not mean “Buy & Forget.”

We are long-term investors, but we also think that the long term is made up of many shorter durations. This implies that even though we are willing to keep equities for a long time—and in fact, we continually assess them to ensure that our initial theory for purchasing the company is still valid.

In the course of our extensive investing experience, we have learned that owning a stock that performs well over time is different from holding a stock when the market truly challenges your belief as the stock drops significantly or remains flat for several quarters or years. We’ve had a lot of these encounters during our careers, and most of the time, our convictions have paid off.

Easier to know what is worse than to know what is good

Since it is simpler to understand what is terrible than what is good, it is easier to “reject stocks with conviction” than to “hold stocks with conviction.” The knowledge that an investment may be harmful may come from only one negative reason, whereas the knowledge that an investment might be excellent may come from several positive variables. We think that distinguishing between excellent and poor stocks has great value but that doing so between two good stocks has less of a benefit (particularly if they are in different sectors and therefore are driven by different dynamics and cannot be compared directly- though we still try).

Start with “Why Not to Buy”

We ensure that our possible “buy” pool is a carefully curated list of appealing firms by beginning our study with “why not to purchase” a certain stock. We simply insist on thinking about strong and sustainable businesses.

About Fund Managers

Samir Arora Portfolio - Helios Capital PMS

Samir Arora ( Founder ) 

Helios Capital is a venture capital firm founded and run by Samir Arora. Samir was the Chief Investment Officer of Alliance Capital’s Indian Mutual Fund Business from 1993 to August 2003. From 1998 to 2003, he was the Head of Asian Developing Markets at Alliance Capital Management in Singapore (fund management and research covering nine markets). He managed all of Alliance Capital’s India-dedicated equity funds and all of Alliance Capital’s Asian Emerging Markets mandates. The fund is Dinshaw Irani

We understand what drives your success. We have a full spectrum of banking services that will help you grow business and personal wealth. Build an enduring legacy for the future with our transparent process to curate diverse insights combined with open-source access solutions to meet your goals!

Deviprasad Nair

Deviprasad Nair, Head of Business

Deviprasad Nair is Helios Capital’s Head of Business. He is a seasoned financial services industry veteran with over 15 years of experience in Institutional /Retail Sales & Distribution, Direct Sales, and the establishment of significant business units in India’s asset management sector. Prior to joining Helios, Deviprasad was the Sales & Business Development Manager for PMS & AIF at ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company, where he was also in charge of the company’s profit and loss. He has previously worked with Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund and HSBC Mutual Fund.

In January 2020, the National Institute of Securities Market India (NISM) requested Deviprasad to join the NISM Series XXI-A: PMS Distributors and NISM Series XXI-B: Portfolio Managers Certification Examination Committees, which were constituted in accordance with the SEBI PMS Regulations. Deviprasad has written scholarly articles on the effects of globalisation on emerging markets and the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) Project.

He enjoys reading books on money, investment, and psychology, as well as travelling and cooking. Deviprasad holds a Master’s degree in Financial Markets and Investments from Skema Business School in France, as well as an MBA in Marketing from CMRIT in Bangalore.

Investment Strategy 

If we talk about Investment management, it is a branch of finance that deals with all types and degrees of investments. It can be broken down into three major categories: buying, selling, and managing financial assets such as stocks or bonds. 

There are various Business Venture Capital Programs that offer credit to investors in order for them to make equity capital investments.

We’re always searching for companies who have the following qualities: 

  • Good vision
  • Presence in their industry
  •  Potential for growth
  • Good corporate governance 
  • Clean accounting
  • We also want medium-term positive triggers as well as reasonable valuations.


What are some of the benefits of Helios India Rising PMS?

Some of these benefits include diversification, high potentials, low correlations with markets, access to wealth management services from financial centres around the world, a research-based approach that considers all sources of alpha generation comprehensively, an unbiased and disciplined investment technique, and the ability to create long-term wealth.

What is the minimum investment required to get started with Helios India Rising PMS?

The minimum investment amount for opening a folio with Helios India Rising PMS is Rs. 50 lakhs.

What is your minimum investment tenure?

The minimum investment tenure for opening a folio with Helios India Rising PMS is three years.

Product - AMC Category AUM (in Cr.) Performance 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y 5Y 10Y SI

Helios India Rising Portfolio

AMC Name: Helios Capital Management (India) Private Limited Inc Date: 3/16/20
Multi Cap
889.47 Strategy -1.98 0.88 16.23 15.02 6.64 19.96 NA NA 22.87
NSE 500 TRI -2.86 -1.42 10.89 9.63 6.74 22.03 NA NA 23.62

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