Helios India Rising PMS

Helios India Rising PMS

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2020
Number of Stocks 35
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Dinshaw Irani

About Fund Managers

Dinshaw Irani is the Chief Investment Officer of Helios India. Prior to this, he

Dinshaw Irani

was Executive Director at Artemis Advisors (exclusive research advisors to Helios Singapore) for over 14 years. As the head of Artemis Advisors, Dinshaw led the research process, from industry outlook and idea generation to final recommendation. Prior to joining Artemis in 2005, he was the Principal Portfolio Manager at Sharekhan during 2003-04, setting up their portfolio management services division. Prior to his stint at Sharekhan, Dinshaw was Vice President in the Asian Emerging Markets team for Alliance Capital in Mumbai for over 3 years covering the consumer and pharmaceutical sectors. Before Alliance, Dinshaw has worked at Sun F&C Mutual Fund and at Lloyd Securities. Dinshaw enjoys traveling to new places where he can spend time outdoors on hiking trails and in nature parks. Dinshaw is a graduate in Commerce (Hons.) and holds a post-graduate diploma in Rural Management from the Institute of Rural Management, Anand. Dinshaw has total investing experience of 28 years.

Unique Feature

Long-only multi-cap PMS

Meet the Team

Samir Arora
Founder & Fund Manager, Helios Capital

Samir Arora - AIf pms Expert

Samir Arora is the main founder & fund manager at Helios Capital. From 1998 to 2003, he was the Head of Asian Emerging Markets at Alliance Capital Management in Singapore (both fund management and research, covering 9 markets). From 1993 to August 2003, Samir was the Chief Investment Officer of Alliance Capital’s Indian mutual fund business and, along with managing Alliance Capital’s Asian Emerging Markets mandates, managed all of Alliance Capital’s India-dedicated equity funds.

Investment Philosophy

Helios Capital believes in portfolio construction and stock selection that can lead to consistent returns. One of their key objectives is to beat the benchmark returns over the medium to long-term investing. 

They have the following three investment themes: 

  1. Compete with the Government of India
  2. Demographic/Lifestyle changes
  3. Factor Cost Advantage

These three themes are backed-by bottom-up research and extensive investment experience. Helios constructs portfolios and selects stocks around aspects, such as stocks, their horizon, the quantity of stocks and redemption.


What is the investment philosophy of Helios India Rising PMS?

Helios India Rising PMS stands by its investment philosophy which has developed over more than 25 years. Their investment philosophy is Wealth Through Wisdom. They have experience of many years to know the investment market’s history to predict the future. Owing to their experience, they are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of various market aspects, including corporate managers, analysts, owners, and strategists. Helios’ investment philosophy also emphasizes the impact of psychology that drives the Indian investment markets. They also believe in utilizing a polished and consistent framework to gather the related information to create critical and meaningful insights rather than merely chasing information. Helios India Rising PMS considers two aspects for creating and maintaining a good portfolio for their clients: excellent stock selection and good portfolio construction.

Which investment horizons does Helios India Rising PMS cater to?

Helios’ investment horizon extends from 1 year to 3 years. They invest in medium and long-term investments. The investments are reanalyzed at the end of the investment duration. If the investments show potential and meet the criteria set by Helios India Rising PMS, they further hold the assets.

What kind of returns does Helios India Rising PMS try to gain?

Helios India Rising PMS believes in creating a balanced portfolio. It should contain all kinds of stocks. Stocks that offer:

High confidence in reasonable returns: They believe in seeking stocks that perform well and have excellent and clean records. These stocks are a safer option. However, with a limited set, this might not gain the best rate of returns. These companies are not expected to get re-rated but will provide the expected growth.

Reasonable confidence in high return: These companies get re-rated, and hence they may give more interest than expected. However, as they are re-rated, there is a risk factor involved.

How does Helios India Rising PMS form an excellent portfolio?

Helios India Rising PMS believes in two critical factors for creating and maintaining good portfolios for their clients: good stock selection and good portfolio construction.

On what basis does Helios India Rising PMS decide to sell a stock?

There are few criteria that Helios India Rising PMS has set according to which they decide to sell a stock. Stocks are sold when there is an unexpected negative development in stock. Deterioration of the fundamentals of a company is also a solid reason to sell any stock. Stock may get sold partially or entirely when the stock outperforms returns over an extended period. If the valuation is above the set bar, any stock can be bought or held and sold. Stocks are also sold to make a difference in any portfolio and make a place for a better stock.

What is Helios India Rising PMS’s investment strategy?

Helios India Rising PMS is a Portfolio management system dedicated to long and multi-cap investments which aim to outperform its benchmark index. The aim is to do so via medium and long-term horizons

In Helios India Rising PMS, what is the minimum limit of investment for a client?

The minimum limit set by the Securities and Exchange Board of India Regulations 2020 at the opening time is Indian Rupees 50 lakhs.

Does Helios India Rising PMS only cater to Indians residing in India?

No, Helios India Rising PMS not only Indians residing in India but also Non-resident Indians.