i-Wealth Fund

i-Wealth Fund

i-Wealth Management LLP is an investment management company, headquartered in Mumbai. It manages SEBI registered category III AIF named as "i-Wealth Fund". Our purpose is to generate higher risk-adjusted returns for clients in the Indian equity market.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2018
Number of Stocks 20-25
Investment Horizon Medium term (9-12 months)
Fund Managers Mr Bharat Jain

About Fund Managers

Bharat Jain - i Wealth

Bharat Jain, a CFA Level 2 and founder & CIO of the firm, leads its investment philosophy and deployment process. Bharat has been in the markets for more than 20 years in diverse roles, including a stint at ENAM Securities. In the last 14 years, he has been focusing on investment management , advisory & fund management leading an accomplished  team of financial analysts to deliver market-beating returns.Based on his experience of having seen many market cycles, a healthy curiosity has led him to independent study financial economics, derivatives, fundamentals, behavioral economics, intra-market and technical analysis. These studies have led to the creation of proprietary economic indicators , derivative & fundamental models and understanding of participant behavior.

Unique Feature

Category III, closed ended long-only AIF

Investment Philosophy

We strongly believe and work on-


Q-Quantative Audit


R-Risk Management