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IKIGAI Emerging Equity Fund

They are dedicated to their core principles of Trust, Process, and Performance. At the heart of investment philosophy is a focus on investing in quality and resilient businesses. The goal is to invest in companies that can deliver superior returns on capital employed over sustainable periods and reinvest their cash flows to drive growth. This approach leads to the compounding of business value and stock price.

Fund Snapshot

The fund is positioned as a high-quality, low-beta, low-volatility growth-oriented portfolio that aims to steadily compound investors’ investments over the long term.
Structure: Open-ended long-only CAT III AIF, which will invest in Public Equitie
Strategy: The Fund will run a flexicap strategy with a bias towards Mid and small companies.
Investment Strategy: Bottom-up stock picking approach using the Business, Management and Valuation (BMV) model
Valuation (NAV) Day: 15th and last business day of every Month
Subscription and Redemption: Fortnightly (15th and last Business Day of every Month)
Exit Fee: 2% upto 12 months from the date of allotment of units and Nil above 12 months
Benchmark: Nifty Midcap 100
Hurdle Rate of Return: 10% per annum (High Water Mark)
Fee Structure: Fixed Fee and Fixed plus Performance Fee

Their Core Values: Trust – Process -Performance

Building an investment culture through their core values

-Ethical decision-making
-Reputation and integrity are the most valuable assets

-Unwavering focus on the process
-Focus on controllable Process, input, stock selection and temperament
-MBV Strategy; Proven process across market cycles
-Mindset to constantly learn, adapt and grow

-Consistent and above-average performance
-Compound investor’s capital by managing down risk
-Sharp focus on constant quest to improve outcomes for clients Building

Guiding investment principles:

  • Invest in high-quality businesses, ones which can generate high ROCE run by honest credible promoters. Avoid companies that need leverage (ex-financials)
  • Seek businesses with growth potential.
  • They believe in risk-adjusted returns and protection of capital during downturns. Consistently generate alpha over longer tenures and try to minimize mistakes.
  • Buy and hold businesses for the long term. Think like permanent owners of the business.
  • They’re not benchmark fixated, but benchmark aware.
  • They identify themes/narratives and then go bottom-up and select high-quality businesses.
  • We never engage in ‘Greater Fool Theory’ and are valuation conscious.
  • Focus on the balance sheet and cash flows rather than the Profit Loss account.
  • They avoid time marketing 
  • They don’t over diversify

Meet the Investment Team

Pankaj Tibrewal – Founder & CIO

Pankaj brings over 20 years of extensive fund management experience. At Kotak Mutual Fund, he successfully managed ₹56,000 crore ($6.75 billion) over 14 years. Under his leadership, the Kotak Emerging Equity Fund grew from ₹113 crore ($13 million) in 2010 to ₹36,000 crore ($4.33 billion), becoming India’s second-largest mid-cap fund. The Kotak Small Cap Fund also saw impressive growth, rising from ₹127 crore ($15 million) to ₹13,000 crore ($1.56 billion), making it the fifth-largest small-cap fund. His contributions helped Kotak Mutual Fund’s total assets under management reach ₹3.50 lakh crore by November 2023, placing it among India’s top five asset management companies. Pankaj has been recognized as one of India’s top fund managers by Outlook Business, The Economic Times, and Morning Star from 2016 to 2022.


This is all built on the core values of trust, process, and performance, ensuring a reliable and successful journey for investors and partners.

  1. Their Ethos: Inspired by the Japanese concept of IKIGAI, meaning ‘reason for being’ or ‘purpose of life,’ the venture is grounded in this profound philosophy.
  2. Holistic Approach: It aligns with the principles of doing what you love, excelling at what you do, fulfilling global needs, and ensuring fair compensation.
  3. Passion and Expertise: The passion, intent, and expertise in managing money are dedicated to creating long-term wealth for investors.
  4. Building Trust: Reputation and integrity are the most valuable assets, essential in building long-term trust with partners and investors.

Why INVEST with the IKIGAI Asset Manager?

Seasoned professional team
Supported by a highly qualified team with over 60 years of combined experience.
Proven track record
A well-established track record with over two decades of success in public equity funds, adeptly navigating all market cycles.
Startup culture
Operates with a startup ethos characterized by high commitment, urgency, and passion.
Strategic focus
Emphasizes focused investments, leveraging unique perspectives through in-house research and independent thinking.
Flexibility and entrepreneurial-driven
Embraces flexibility in investing across new sectors and themes, fueled by an entrepreneur-driven approach.
Reliable performance
The investment team consistently delivers results across market cycles, ensuring stability and reliability.
Build a Strong Culture of Trust
Building a strong culture of trust through transparency, honesty, and ethical dealings with partners and investors.


What is the exit fee structure of the IKIGAI Emerging Equity Fund?

The exit fee is 2% if units are redeemed within 12 months from the date of allotment, and there is no exit fee after 12 months.

What is the investment philosophy of the IKIGAI Emerging Equity Fund?

The IKIGAI Emerging Equity Fund focuses on investing in quality and resilient businesses that can generate superior returns on capital employed over sustainable periods. The fund employs a bottom-up stock-picking approach using the Business, Management, and Valuation (BMV) model.

How is the IKIGAI Emerging Equity Fund structured and what is its strategy?

The fund is an open-ended long-only Category III Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) that invests in public equities. It employs a flexicap strategy with a bias towards mid and small-cap companies. The fund aims to provide a high-quality, low-beta, low-volatility growth-oriented portfolio that compounds investors’ investments over the long term.

What are the core values guiding IKIGAI Asset Manager's investment decisions?

IKIGAI Asset Manager is guided by the core values of Trust, Process, and Performance. Trust involves ethical decision-making and upholding reputation and integrity. The Process focuses on a proven, consistent strategy across market cycles with a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation. Performance aims for consistent and above-average results by managing risk and improving outcomes for clients.

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