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About Company

Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Firm Limited, a company registered under the Companies Operate, 1956, on August 8, 1994, was appointed to act as the Investment Manager of Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund via Investment Management Agreement dated May 20, 1996, as revised up to the present. It is fully owned by Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. The Company has received clearance from the Division of Funds, Investment Management Department, under the SEBI (Portfolio Manager) Regulations, 1993, and the Mutual Funds Division of SEBI under the SEBI (‘Mutual Funds’) Regulations, 1996, to provide Portfolio Management Services.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2017
Number of Stocks 20-24
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Anshul Saigal

Fund Overview

Kotak Special Situations Fund invests strategically in businesses with a focus on all industries. Using a mix of suitable instruments, the Fund invests with the primary goal of earning long-term capital appreciation and returns in the form of interest, dividends, capital gains, or shares of profits.

To capitalise on the unusual conditions and stressed assets potential in India, we invest across industries. In addition to real estate, healthcare, infrastructure, electricity, consumer goods, industrials, information technology, and financial services, we also have experience in a wide range of other industries. Rising income levels, higher consumption, and favourable demographics in India will boost all of these industries. Investors might anticipate significant returns from distressed ventures given these underlying factors and the appealing entry prices.

Investment Strategy

The investment goal of the Fund is to achieve target returns by primarily investing in exceptional circumstance or distressed opportunities in India. Debt, equity, and mezzanine instruments are frequently used in investments. These are the main objectives of our investing strategies:

Special Situations: Due to legal limits on banks and non-banking financial organisations, there may be certain unique opportunities in specific exceptional situations. This will comprise scenarios including promoter financing, group restructuring, and investor take-out finance.

Asset Acquisitions: a small firm with continuous operations but significant assets that may be sold to make money. In these situations, we consider pure asset plays, in which we invest in companies that have assets like real estate, hotels, or other types of commercial assets. Returns are mostly produced by selling underlying assets to one or more parties over time.

Stressed Assets: has a good and steady outlook for company and professional management. Nonetheless, these companies can be experiencing financial strain due to a number of temporary or external factors. In these situations, we collaborate with current promoters by providing the necessary financial assistance.

IBC Opportunities: Where a change or augmentation of management is required to improve performance for regulatory reasons and where company prospects are favourable and steady. In these situations, we work in partnership with an operational or strategic partner to buy and restructure the company.

How It Is Different

Kotak Special Situations Fund differentiates itself in the following ways:

The Fund is focused on opportunities in special situations like investor take-out financing, group restructuring and promoter financing, credit and distressed assets under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), pre-IBC opportunities, and assets under liquidation.

The Fund has a broad mandate to invest across asset types and sectors with a flexible approach to investing and structuring.

The Group and team has a profound understanding of various sectors and experience of working with Indian promoters over last 30+ years.

Unique Feature

Benefit from a combo of value opportunities and special situations

Investment Philosophy

The Kotak Special Situations Value aims at long-term wealth by investing in the following two opportunity types:

        Stocks trading at discount value

        Value unlocking through events like delisting, demergers, and more.

 The investment revolves around value and special situations.

About Fund Manager

Mr Saigal, the fund manager of Kotak Special Situations value fund has around 15 years of experience.

Kotak PMS Returns / Performance

Strategy Kotak – Fintech Fund Kotak – Pharma and Healthcare Kotak – Small and Midcap Kotak – Special Situation – Ser 1 Kotak – Special Situation – Ser 2
Return (CAGR) 1M -3.88% 0.33% -2.16% -1.56% -2.34%
Return (CAGR) 3M 6.18% 4.72% 8.90% 10.35% 9.86%
Return (CAGR) 6M -7.99% -6.49% -2.27% -4.49% -5.86%
Return (CAGR) 1Y -11.58% -12.26% 0.74% -1.37% -3.67%
Return (CAGR) 2Y 21.55% 10.08% 32.00% 33.20% 32.89%
Return (CAGR) 3Y 14.73% 24.27% 24.97% 18.27% 20.88%
Return (CAGR) 5Y NA 14.04% 9.02% 3.58% 6.94%
Return (CAGR) Since Inception 11.68% 10.44% 16.76% 13.44% 6.79%
Inception Year Mar 2018 Sep 2016 Apr 2012 Jul 2012 Sep 2017


Who is Kotak PMS's current fund manager?

Anshul Saigal is one of the greatest and most seasoned fund managers at Kotak Portfolio Management Service Company, which oversees the whole PMS market for the brokerage institution. With an MBA and over 16 years of expertise providing portfolio management services, Mr. Anshul Saigal is qualified.

What is Kotak PMS's approximate AUM?

The typical AUM held by Kotak PMS fund managers is around 20,000 Cr. The management and management of more than 325 clients. The minimum investment term with the brokerage business is three years.

What different tactics does Kotak PMS employ?

Kotak PMS outlines the objective of creating capital appreciation via investments in the investment strategy by choosing to make investments in highly regulated and quality businesses that are often purchased at significant discounts to their underlying values. Fintreck Fund Strategy is researching the intersection of BFSI and IT. The other techniques are small- and mid-cap methods as well as special case strategies.

What advantages come with investing with Kotak PMS?

Portfolio management services, often known as PMS, are one of the most complex investment options offered to HNI or High Net worth consumers or NRI customers. One of the top brokerages for investments is Kotak PMS. One of the top suppliers of portfolio management in the nation is Kotak PMS. In this post, we’ll go into great detail on the Kotak PMS Program, strategies, customer feedback, rates, commission structures, investment strategies, and more.

Where can I obtain complete information on Kotak PMS?

Either the AIF & PMS Experts India website or the Kotak website include information on the Kotak PMS. We recognise the value of education since knowledge of all strategies is essential. So, the goal of this product page is to answer all of your questions regarding the investment you must make. The page provides in-depth explanations for each description.

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