Moat Aggressive Leaders

Moat Aggressive Leaders

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 8-1-2021
Number of Stocks Min – 4 & Max – 40
Investment Horizon 5 years
Fund Managers Koushik Mohan & Suraj Nair

About Fund Managers

Koushik Mohan: Fund Manager - Moat Financial Advisor Ltd

Koushik has been tracking the Indian equity market and his quest to understand capital markets led him to start investing since 2014. Prior to joining Moat Financial Services, he worked at Northern Trust, a Chicago headquartered custodian bank which manages $1.07 trillion globally. During his tenure with the company, he was part of the Northern Trust EMEA OTC Derivatives team and worked on swaps.Koushik has also worked in an audit firm which helped him understand the ins and outs of the financial universe.While pursuing his Masters degree (MBA), Koushik was part of the equity research team of Finology, an investment advisor managing around INR 100 million at the time. He also worked with major broking firms as a sell-side research analyst.Koushik holds MBA degree from the National Institute of Securities Markets (SEBI) and B-com degree from Jain University.

Investment objective

To preserve the purchasing power of the client’s capital whilst providing sustainable returns over lone period of time

Key people

CEO – Biju John & CIO – Suraj Nair

Investment Philosophy

Moat’s investment philosophy is designed to identify superior compounding growth stories which have the ability to deliver regularly rather than in bouts. Our investment approach keeps us fixated on our goal of picking premium quality businesses while safeguarding the client’s capital. We spot the undiscovered, hidden gems which can sustain a significantly higher Return on the capital employed (RoCE) compared to the Cost of capital (CoC) in the long-run, freeing up the excess cash flow for the business. This phenomenon not only makes these businesses resilient but also sets them a class apart. In our view, these companies deem worthy of the title “premium quality business”. We remain fixated on our aim of long-term wealth generation for all our clients. For this, we are on the constant hunt for companies that reinvest at least a portion of their excess cash flow back into the business to grow while increasing the returns for its shareholders. We stay committed to our investment picks for the long haul which gives the business time to create value and also allows us to reap the benefits of long-term compounding. Our investment approach solely looks for growth opportunities of businesses in their industries, irrespective of the size of the company or sector. We look for relatively smaller players in the industry which have the ability to become even bigger in the future. Our definition of small players also includes large cap companies, the market leader or even near market leaders if they are more than capable of further expansion and penetration in their respective industries.