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About Company

MOFSL was founded in 1987 with 2 employees as a sub-broking unit with their main focus of customer-first attitude, ethical and transparent business practices, and many more. Today Motilal is a diverse firm that is working on a range of financial products and services such as Private Wealth, Retail Broking and Distribution, Institutional Broking, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Commodity Broking, Currency Broking, Home Finance, etc. Motilal has clients of retail customers, mutual funds, foreign institutional investors, financial institutions, corporate clients, etc. They have more than 44,00,000+ customers across the globe. They make every decision with solid research at present they have 25+ research analysts researching over 250 companies across 20 sectors

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2006
Number of Stocks 15-20
Investment Horizon 3-5 years
Fund Managers Raamdeo Agrawal

The finance industry is highly competitive, and it can be challenging to find enough capital for your project, especially if you are a small business or startup company. As an alternative finance solution, private equity funds might offer the answer you are looking for. This post will give you insight into Motilal Oswal Private Equity India Business Excellence Fund IV – the ultimate guide!

The two partners envisioned that small and medium-sized enterprises in India would profit from the country’s swiftly unravelling growth story. They recognised that the private equity sector would allow risk capital to such firms, allowing them to share their experiences of building MOFSL and help budding entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. Motilal Oswal Private Equity (MOPE) was formed in 2006 to link high-potential mid-market firms.

Vishal Tulsyan was brought on board as the company’s first CEO. MOPE has amassed close to $900 million in assets under management. Three growth capital funds have been raised [India Business Excellence Fund-I (IBEF-I), India Business Excellence Fund-II (IBEF-II) and India Business Excellence Fund III (IBEF-III), Indian real estate investment business Dorabjee Organized Investments Limited (DOIL) has established four real estate funds [India Realty Excellence Fund (IREF), India Realty Excellence Fund II (IREF II), India Realty Excellence Fund III (IREF III), and India Realty Excellence IV] to invest in local real estate projects.

Unique Feature

Key Investment Framework : Winner Categories, Category Winners

Winner Categories are categories (i.e. sectors) which are –
(1) Expected to grow at least 1.5x nominal GDP growth; and
(2) Consolidated i.e. not too many players to partake of the expected growth.

Category Winners are companies in Winner Categories with:
(1) Entry Barriers / Competitive advantage and
(2) Great Management.

Winning investments are Category Winners
bought at reasonable valuation.

Investment Strategy

MOPE has designed its investment strategy based on the structural shift in India’s economy to a $4-5 trillion economy over the next five years, resulting in significant potential for many sectors.

  1. Investing in Mid-Market Companies: Mid-market businesses are the economy’s growth engines, filling critical gaps in several sectors and regions. The majority of them are family-owned and run based on their local knowledge. Many of these mid-sized businesses aim to develop into large corporate entities. However, this is hindered by the availability of capital, talent, and mentorship.
  2. MOPE focuses on growth capital. MOPE prefers to invest in enterprises with solid growth potential as a significant minority owner. Growth capital minority investments allow MOPE to contribute value to the company.
  3. Focus on Preferred Sectors: The four primary target industry clusters are:



About Fund Managers

Raamdeo Agrawal is Chairman, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited (MOFSL) –

Raamdeo Agrawal Portfolio - Motilal Oswal Financial Services

Raamdeo Agrawal is the chairman and co-founder of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. He is known as a renowned value investor who believes in the power of compounding. In 2019, he was among the list of billionaires according to Forbes, with a net worth of $1 billion in 2018.
Raamdeo was born and brought up in the village of Chattisgarh. He is a man with dignity and discipline. Later he moved to Mumbai to study to become a Chartered Accountant. He wrote the book Corporate Numbers Games with Ram K P. Mriparia. Mr. Raamdeo also authored The Art Of Wealth Creation.

He maintained a consistent track record of the highest integrity in tax payments for five years from FY95-FY99 and thus received Rashtriya Samman Patra by the Central Board of Direct Taxes for the same. One would be glad to know that Raamdeo Agrawal considers Warren Buffett a mentor, and his investment strategy is exceptionally inspired by him

Investment Philosophy

Motilal Oswal Private Equity (MOPE) was established in 2006 to give Motilal Oswal Financial Services’ investment approach and expertise a chance to flourish.

MOPE’s goal from the start was to serve the mid-marketing sector, where there was a pressing need for cash and where MOFSL branding had significant clout.

Large Pool of entrepreneurial talent

Due to corporate transformation, there is a large pool of entrepreneurial talent in India.

Proven business model-capital for scale-up

To expand in new regions and lines, a firm will require additional money for growth.

Avenues for the capital of growth

Only large businesses can access public debt markets, which have strict limits. 

Opportunities in both listed and unlisted companies

A large percentage of enterprises are still unlisted before their listed date.


Who can invest in MOPE IBEF IV?

The Fund is open to all investors who meet the eligibility criteria prescribed by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) from time to time.

What is the investment horizon?

The investment horizon for MOPE IBEF IV is three to five years

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount for MOPE IBEF IV is Rs.50,000 (INR Five Lakhs Only).

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Disclaimer: Investing Involves Risk. This document is for information purposes only and should not be viewed as a legal offering document or solicitation. Offers to invest in this fund are made only by the Discretionary Portfolio Management Services Agreement. Past performance does not guarantee future results and there is no assurance that the managed accounts will necessarily achieve their objectives. We do not guarantee any returns in the hand of investors not we take any sort of accountability for the performance of the scheme. The above-mentioned data is collected from the respected Fund house please verify the same at SEBI website.