Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2012
Number of Stocks 20-25
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Mr Shailendra Kumar

About Fund Managers

Mr Shailendra Kumar, the fund manager of Narnolia India 3T holds a Postgraduate Degree from IIT, Delhi. He has more than 20 years of experience and is a Co-founder at NARNOLA.

Unique Feature

 Mid-cap biased portfolio that can beat S&P BSE 500 index.

Investment Philosophy

  • The central philosophy of Narnolia India 3T is to invest in equities for a long term. Although equities as a whole are the best long-term wealth generators, choosing the right ones is essential for risk management. The Narnolia India 3T PMS model, which is focused on opportunities, financials, and possible disruption, comes handy in this case.
  • The outperformance of the index (Alpha) is just one side of the storey, according to Narnolia. Narnolia India 3T PMS focuses on asset allocation in such a way that it continuously produces absolute positive returns for investors, regardless of market conditions. Over the last six years, Narnolia India 3T PMS has consistently delivered absolute positive returns.