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About Company

Narnolia Equity PMS allows investors to engage in four distinct equity strategies through a single account, allowing them to safely manage investment amounts in these strategies based on their individual risk profile. The investor is free to select their favourite basket of equities as a result of this. These equity strategies are built around diverse cap sizes and basic growth and quality features. The portfolio is a flexible and cautious mix of big, mid, and small cap firms that have the resilience to sail through challenging times while still having the force to succeed in the long run.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 27-Mar-12
Number of Stocks 4 equity strategies
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Mr Shailendra Kumar

4 Pillars –

  • Principle Of Growth In Value – ‘Growth in Value’ is one of the proven investment concepts that we have picked. The term value is derived from the word valuable, i.e. characteristics that increase the worth of a corporation
  • 360° Deductive Reasoning Framework – Insist on understanding why and how a firm generates revenue, both from a macro viewpoint (understanding the addressable market and dynamics) and from a micro-financial standpoint (value level).
  • Seeking Linear Consistent Growth- Prefer firms where profits rise in gradual stages over a longer period of time, since their value multiple expands with earnings and does not fall quickly.
  • Risk Manager’s Mindset – The portfolio features a risk-return expectation structure that allows it to take active risk while considering economic exposures, liquidity risk, and stock-sector-cap-theme weights.

Large-Cap Strategy – Companies in the Large-Cap Strategy / Industry Leaders category are market leaders in their respective sectors. Companies that are a part of this sub-scheme receive 80% of the weightage in this sub-scheme. The Nifty Large Cap 100 Index is an index that measures the performance of companies with a market capitalization The members of this index have a strong correlation (0.94) with the Nifty 50 Index. The sub-aggregate strategy’s fundamentals are as follows: Gross domestic product (GDP) growth is higher than nominal GDP growth. Growth of at least 12%, a 20% ROE or higher, and a substantial margin of safety in terms of present valuation inside the value envelope over the last 10 year

Mid and Small Cap Strategy– As the name implies, the Mid and Small Cap Strategy consists mostly of firms that are members of the Nifty Mid-Small Cap 400 Index. When the market is in a cyclical expansion period, these Mid and Small Cap stocks generate a larger return. The sub approach combines high-growth moat firms with high-quality moat companies. companies. The sub-desired strategy’s aggregate fundamentals are growth – preferably over 18 percent, In terms of current valuation throughout the previous 10 years, ROE of 20% or more, and a significant margin of safety envelope for valuing

Multi-Cap Strategy –Multi-Cap investing allows you to diversify your investment portfolio by taking advantage of the market capitalization of Indian listed firms as well as the representation of varied industries within the investment basket. This sub-scheme gives firms that are members of the Nifty 500 Index an 80 percent weighting. The sub-aggregate strategy’s fundamentals are growth – ideally over 15%, ROE of 20% or more, and a sufficient margin of safety in terms of current valuation within the previous 10 years’ valuation envelope.

5TX5T Strategy   – In the Indian market, this method offers a one-of-a-kind theme-based investment opportunity. As India reaches a GDP of $5 trillion, the overall market capitalization of Indian enterprises is expected to grow at an 11-12 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). New listings will contribute to some of the market cap gains, but certain themes will account for the majority of the gains. This approach focuses on elements that India’s next growth engine should include.

We Are Recognised –   When Industry Leaders authenticate and approve the excellence of our goods and services, it says volumes about our brand’s consistency.

  • Most Consistent Portfolio Manager of the Country 2018 & 2019 by BSE Tefla’s
  • 2nd Largest Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) of the Country, 2020-21 by BSE Star & Associates
  • 4 Star Rating, Rank 2 for 2020-21 by CRISIL & PMS Bazaar
  • Best PMS on 5 Year Performance across All Categories – Rank 2 On Risk-Adjusted Rolling Returns by IIM Ahmedabad & PMS AIF World


About Fund Managers

Shailendra Kumar

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Narnolia’s Chief Investment Officer is now Shailendra Kumar. He has managed PMS and cat III AIF effectively in the past. Narnolia has garnered multiple honours, including ‘Most Consistent Portfolio Manager,’ and is regarded as a premium investment advising business under Shailendra’s leadership. In 1997, Shailendra co-founded Narnolia Securities. He is well-known for his in-depth knowledge of investment theories, stock selection, and portfolio allocation. He has devised and effectively applied all four key investing and trading techniques, namely value, growth, reversion, and momentum. His favoured investing approach is ‘value growth.

Vineeta Sharma

 (Head of Research)

Vineeta has over 13 years of experience in the equity research and investing business. She’s developed her own unique approach to growth stock investing over the years, which includes a proprietary fundamental research technique based on extensive financial modeling and a bottom-up review of the company’s financial and operating environment. She supervises a staff of 32 research analysts who are responsible for 192 stocks in 18 industries. The team has suggested 30 multi-baggers in the previous 30 days under her direction. quarters. She is well-known in the business for her stock recommendations and selections, as well as her command of accounting concepts and financial statements. She is a Chartered Accountant.

Unique Feature

Buy and hold strategy in your preferred stocks basket

Investment Philosophy

With Narnolia India 5T strategy, you can participate in four equity strategies, through just one account. The investor can allocate funds in these strategies based on their risk appetite. You get to choose your preferred stocks basket modelled across different capitalisations.

 Since, Narnolia follows the ‘growth in value’ philosophy, there is an utmost emphasis on the quality of stocks. The strategy is a mix of multiple strategies with strong risk management and seeks stable returns.

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