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Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2014
Number of Stocks 15-20
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Kalyanasundaram. C

About The Company and Product

Northern Arc Group’s fund management vertical is called The Northern Arc Investments. In 2014, Northern Arc Investments was set up, since then has grown to be India’s leading and renowned debt fund manager. They are managing about 2000 crores in investor commitments.

Northern Arc Investments facilitates investments that attempt to guarantee a possible and feasible access-to-finance for companies and businesses with a capable track record in increasing access to financial services in India. Northern Arc Investments’ investment strategy focuses on creating impact-oriented and returns-focused investments in various critical, inclusive theme sectors and areas.

Northern Arc Investment has a strategy according to which they keep reviewing and identifying new sectors and areas. These sectors include microfinance, affordable housing, small business loans, vehicle or automobile loans, agri-business loans, and corporate loans and finance. The earlier stated approach helps them grow and expand and progress on achieving their longstanding mission. Northern Arc Investments aims to cater to India’s unserved and underserved population with easy, reliable, feasible, and sustainable access to finance. Since 2014, they have worked towards gaining knowledge and expertise in identifying and presenting long-lasting and sustainable solutions to the problems faced by their clientele via their funds.

Northern Arc Investments provides investors with various investment strategies with varying time limits and tenures over 3.5 years to 10 years. They also offer liquidity preferences in which they provide regular coupon pay-outs and bullet payments. Northern Arc Investments is known for consistently and constantly delivering much above their targeted returns. They also understand the importance of meaningful and realized Reuters to the investor for sustaining impact creation.

Northern Arc Investments always put the best interest of their investors as their prime focus. They stick to and follow the highest standards of fiduciary responsibilities. They also have ongoing and active management of investment portfolios. Northern Arc Investments is known for its transparent reporting on returns. They are also famous for building a few structures keeping their market and clientele compared to other similar organizations.


1. Northern Arc Investments is working towards achieving what?

Northern Arc Investments is creating a trusted platform that will enable the flow of finance from capital providers to users reliably and responsibly.

2. What are the focussed financial sectors of Northern Arc Investments?

Northern Arc Investment focuses on Microfinance, Small Business Loans, Affordable Housing Finance, Vehicle Finance, Agri-business Finance

3. What are the efforts of Northern Arc Investments in promoting sustainable goals?

  • Northern Arc Investments strongly believes in eradicating poverty in all forms.
  • Working towards sustainable agriculture and food security.
  • Promoting quality education and lifelong learning.
  • Working on empowering women.
  • Ensure access to sanitation for all.
  • Promoting sustainable economic development and growth.

4. Do Northern Arc Investments follow detailed monitoring and analysis post-investment?

Yes, Northern Arc Investments follow monitoring and analysis post-investment. They use various tools for the same. Various risk analysis tools used by Northern Arc are- Descriptive Analysis, Portfolio scrub analysis, Pin code analysis, Transaction code analysis.

5. What is Northern Arc’s successful track record?

If you are interested in knowing about Northern Arc investments in detail, then connect with Write your queries, and we will contact you soon.

About Fund Manager

Kalyanasundaram. C
Chief Financial Officer

With over 21 years of experience in financial management, accounts, audit, systems and operations, Kayanasundaram. C works as a Chief Financial Officer for Northern Arc. He has an extensive experience of working with several industries of India and overseas. In 2009, he joined Norther Arc Capital as account head. Financial reporting, functional consulting in data warehousing, material accounting, cost structure and development are his areas of specialisations. He did his graduation from the University of Madras in Law and Commerce.

About The Team

Ravi Vukkadala

Chief Executive Officer

Ravi Vukkadala is a bachelor in chemical engineering from DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering. Mr. Ravi completed a master’s in management and info systems from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and state university from 2001 to 2003.

He further studied finance from SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management studies. In 2010, he became a certified financial accountant.

Ravi Vukkadala became the assistant manager at JM Financial Ltd. He was also a senior manager for three years at Bharti AXA Investment Managers and a senior vice president at Invesco Asset Management.

Mr. Ravi has worked as an analyst at the Nature conservancy from 2003 to 2004. He has also worked at the Epic Systems Corporation for two years, from 2004 to 2006. He also has the experience of being an associate at Merrill Lynch. Mr. Vukkadala has been working as the CEO of Northern Arc Investment Managers since November 2016.

Investment Methodology:

Northern Arc Investments has an investment process they have followed until now to achieve all the success they have and fulfill all the goals in the future. The Process is:

Entity Identification: The first stage of the investment process is to analyze various sectors and identify and select opportunities from their target sectors. Northern Arc Investment has a few well-stated and defined eligibility and selection criteria during the selection of possibilities. They also have a very polished investment strategy that they follow.

Pre-Investment Evaluation: Northern Arc Investments has a multi-dimensional evaluation framework. They have financial and operational performance, strategy and business plan, governance, and leadership quality. They prepare an initial discussion of the Term Sheet.

Detailed Due Diligence: Northern Arc Investments conduct regular meetings with senior and head management across all departments. They also assess processes that are followed at the branch offices and corporations. Field visits with the clients and team members interactions’ for negotiation of the term sheet are a constant in the work culture of Northern Arc Investments.

Credit Appraisal Documentation: They prepare due diligence reports based on credit analysis. Northern Arc Investments always visit observation and operational and financial projections.

IC Approval: The team provides the investment committee with the credit appraisal report and term sheet to seek their approval. Northern Arc Investments negotiated and signed the final term sheets to finalize the investment process.

Post-investment Monitoring: After the investment decision has been made, mini diligence is conducted at companies, spanning over 2 to 3 days two times a year. The Northern Arc Investments team observes and records data, creates and collects feedback on the processes, and shares it with the investee companies.

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