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  •     125+ Transactions executed facilitating fundraising / exit/IPO
  •     500+ Clients served executing best suited strategy for Founder and Investor
  •     7,000 Corporates Engaged Network of Direct Connect
  •     50+ Team – Seasoned team of CAs, MBAs, Lawyers & Secretarial professionals
  •     12 + Countries Global network – Global M&A network

Fund Snapshot

Category Category II Alternative Investment Fund (Close ended)
Fund Size Up to INR 500 Crs (Plus Green Shoe of up to INR 250 Crs)
Term 3 years from final close; option to extend by 1 year + 1 year
Management Fees 2% p.a.
Hurdle Rate 10%
Carried Interest 15% (without catch-up of first 10% flat)
Auditor Deloitte
Minimum Investment INR 1 Cr
Ticket Size Between INR 25 Cr to INR 50 Cr
Target Sectors Chemicals, Pharma, Engineering, MSME’s, Food & Beverages, IT & IteS

Fund Performance

  • The Fund has made 2 Investments so far. In both the investments, the Fund was the first investor
  • In both Investments have managed to attract follow-on Investments of more than 6x in value of fund’s investment
  • The fund has distributed 4% of amount invested at Fund level to our LPs within 9 months
  • The NAV of the Fund has gone up 1.7x in last one year since first closing

Investment Approach

  • To invest in Indian growth stage businesses on the verge of big bang break out. To be part of J curve trajectory of growing business that are at inflection point
  • We follow the Sustainable & Responsible Investment Principles backed up by the strong ESG framework. Hence, we avoid businesses which are environmentally irresponsible, speculative in nature, long gestation period, bleeding balance sheets, unfocused multiple ventures, lacking transparency, heavy capex & opex investments
  • Backed by the deep penetration and due diligence of Pantomath Group, the Fund would, preferably, be the first institutional investor in the company
  • The fund provides Active Ownership Approach, by assisting portfolio companies in strategy formulation, recruitment assistance, business development, corporate governance & financial advisory
  • To invest in companies which will provide exit through IPO, preferably in 3 years, thus investing with clear focus of value arbitrage (without taking long term risk) 
  • Our preferred investment ticket size is of INR 20 – 50 Cr. Unique asset allocation strategy with an aim to provide interim pay-outs

To Tap Inflection : Our Differentiated Investment Approach

Identifying Right Opportunity Canvas

They do modern investments as well, but avoid investments in platforms with negative cashflows and bleeding balance sheets

  •     To invest in growth stage companies which can be taken to IPO in 3 years
  •     High margin Scalable Niche Businesses with high entry barriers
  •     Huge addressable market opportunity
  •     Promoter Pedigree
  •     Value System running through the business
  •     Avoid environmentally irresponsible models
  •     Focus Sectors-Make in India, Consumer Goods & Trade & Impact Investing

What They Avoid

To Yield Optimum Returns for our Investors, they avoid businesses which are unsustainable, unethical & environmentally irresponsible


  •     Founders lacking focus / not fully committed to business / having multiple ventures
  •     No clear succession plan
  •     Lacking vision, aspiration and not having a clear growth plan
  •     Not adhering to transparent practices

Business Models

  •     Not having handsome margins
        Requiring high capex or having long gestation
  •     Cyclicity / critical dependency on external factors
  •     Long working capital cycles
  •     Multiple revenue models lacking focus


  •     Environmentally not responsible
  •     Speculative (betting, gambling etc)
  •     Futuristic themes having a longer haul
  •     Business involving killing animals
  •     Commoditized businesses without any marked value addition

About Fund Manager

CA Madhu Lunawat : Chief Investment Officer

  •  Over two decades of rich experience spanning across investment management, corporate finance, asset reconstruction, M&A, due diligence and treasury operations
  •  Co-Founder of Pantomath Group, CorpGini Innovations Pvt Ltd, and Lunawat Ventures
  •  Prior to founding Pantomath, worked with leading corporates, viz., Infosys, ASREC and Edelweiss. Served as the CFO at Edelweiss ARC, prior to founding Pantomath
  •  A quick decision maker, straightforward, no-tolerance manager
  •  Holds membership of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Guwahati.

On-Ground Behavioural Diligence + Objective Quant Model

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In-house behavioural diligence capability backed by strong quant analysis

  •     Prudent mix of traditional and quantitative diligence checks
  •     Focus on behavioural diligence
  •     Strong quant models
  •     We avoid conflicting business models with complex corporate structures

Ensuring business growth through active participation and hand-holding

Active Ownership Approach

Strategy Formulation

  • Provide strategic direction to company’s decision-making
  • Utilize investment manager’s experience to assess and guide entrepreneurs on growth strategies
  • Guiding on right time opportunity approach

Management Recruitment Assistance

  • Assistance in accessing and hiring key CXO talent and eminent advisors for its portfolio companies
  • Enabling formation of robust management team backed by suitable organization structure
  • Guidance on skill set mapping for strengthening management team

Business Development

  • Pantomath has one of the best networks with Indian corporate houses of all sizes and industries
  • Leveraging Pantomath’s people and corporate network to accelerate business development  for the investee company

Additional Funding / M&A Solutions

  • Providing required investment banking support to structure and execute suitable fund raising opportunities
  • Boosting inorganic growth through our corporate network & deal making skills
  • We will work together to improve valuations and find the right investors

Maintaining High Corporate Governance

  •  We assist companies in ensuring that the disclosure and transparency processes are followed to provide regulators,   shareholders, and the public with precise and accurate information about the company’s financial, operational, and   other aspects

Exit Capabilities

  1. The exit is the entry point for other institutional investors
  2. Exit Route through IPO  – Pantomath’s Investment Banking division to bring advantage
  3. Monitoring investments with high standards of governance
  4. Investment strategies with in-built exit mechanism

Leading Player with a strong presence in the Mid-Market segment

  •     Sector Study
  •     Liasioning with BRLM
  •     Marketing Collaterals

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Disclaimer: Investing Involves Risk. This document is for information purposes only and should not be viewed as a legal offering document or solicitation. Offers to invest in this fund are made only by the Discretionary Portfolio Management Services Agreement. Past performance does not guarantee future results and there is no assurance that the managed accounts will necessarily achieve their objectives. We do not guarantee any returns in the hand of investors not we take any sort of accountability for the performance of the scheme. The above-mentioned data is collected from the respected Fund house please verify the same at SEBI website.