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Quest India Bellwether Fund- Dovetail Global Fund PCC

About Company - Quest India is Mumbai based equity firm with specialized in PMS. The founder of Quest investment advisors is Mr. Ajay Sheth in the year 1980 they are in this market for the last 3 decades. They began their journey as high-quality bespoke equity research in the mid-cap and small-cap space for FIIs, Mutual Funds, and other Institutional investors. In the year 2007, they start the first PMS with the name of Quest Flagship. Today they are managing approx 2000 cr with more than 1000 clients.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 5th Aug 2021
Number of Stocks 15-20
Investment Horizon 3-5 Years
Fund Managers Aniruddha Sarkar
Minimum investment $ 100000

Investment Philosophy

Rather than hunting for elusive magical moments, Quest believes in keeping investments simple and carefully conducting our fundamental ground research. The investments are based on a set of ideas that have shown to be reliable over time and have led us successfully. They’ve aided investors in both good and bad times, as well as in navigating market volatility and creating steady outperformance.


When it comes to investment management, the significance of honesty cannot be overstated. We believe in it and invest in firms known for their business ethics.


A solid investment does not pay off immediately. It’s tough not to get sidetracked by the market’s ups and downs.


Trust is at the very core of Quest. In our connections with business partners, investors, and society, trust is critical. In the world of financial management, trust is extremely important.


Observing cycles and concentrating on continuous performance rather than random spikes You could strike it rich once in a while, but staying at the top constantly is challenging.

Attributes They Look For

  • Companies with great pricing power as a result of their market position. Also, firms may increase their margins while also increasing their return on investment (ROI).
  • Concentrate on firms with high growth potential and a small number of competitors in a large market.
  • Look for companies managed by people who have a proven track record and have seen the firm through many business cycles. At a cost, there is no compromise on management quality.
  • Indian manufacturing has benefited from changes in global trade dynamics in various areas. Companies on the cutting edge of the Y2K craze
  • Companies with robust, stable cash flows are better able to expand during periods of growth and navigate through adverse macroeconomic times.
  • Companies have a low/comfortable debt-to-equity ratio.

Unique Feature

Quest believes in keeping investing simple and meticulously doing our essential ground research rather than searching for illusive miraculous moments. The investments are founded on a group of principles that have shown to be trustworthy throughout time and have effectively guided us. They have helped investors navigate market volatility, produce consistent outperformance, and invest in good and bad times.

The primary unique features are:

  • Integrity
  • Patience
  • Trust 
  • Performance. 


The importance of honesty in financial management cannot be emphasized. They invest in companies recognized for business ethics because they believe in it.


A wise investment does not provide results right away. The ups and downs of the market make it difficult to focus.


The foundation of Quest is trust. Trust is essential in our interactions with customers, shareholders, and society. Trust is crucial in the area of financial management.


Observing cycles and focusing on consistent performance as opposed to sporadic spikes, You could get lucky once in a while, but maintaining your position at the top all the time is difficult.

Qualities They Search For

  • Businesses that, due to their market position, have strong pricing power. Additionally, businesses may raise margins while raising the return on investment (ROI).
  • Concentrate on businesses in vast markets with few rivals with significant potential for development.
  • Look for businesses run by individuals with a solid track record who have seen multiple business cycles. There is no compromising on management quality, even at a price.
  • Modifications in the dynamics of international commerce have benefitted Indian manufacturing in several ways. Businesses at the forefront of the Y2K frenzy  Businesses with strong, consistent cash flows are better equipped to flourish  during expansionary periods and survive challenging macroeconomic times.
  • Companies’ debt-to-equity ratios are low or comfortable.

About Fund Managers

Aniruddha Sarkar Chief Investment Officer

Aniruddha Sarkar

Chief Investment Officer – Quest Investment Advisors

Aniruddha has worked in the capital markets for over 13 years, managing public money in the listed stock area and producing much alpha for clients. Over the previous five years, he has been in charge of one of the best-performing strategies in the Indian market. Before joining Quest, he managed the IIFL Multicap PMS for five years, from its creation in 2014, generating annualized returns of 19%, compared to benchmark returns of 9% and average returns of 13% for its peers. He is the Senior Portfolio Manager and Co-Head of Equities at Quest, where he is engaged in the strategy development for all of Quest’s equity schemes. Aniruddha graduated from St. Xaviers College in Kolkata with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and an MBA in finance from IMI in New Delhi.

Investment Strategy

  • Regardless of industry or market value, look for potential for excessive profit growth.
  • Choose portfolio companies by combining top-down and bottom-up strategies.
  • Search for businesses with strong balance sheets and reliable cash flow.
  • Be swift in your transitions between business cycles, profit cycles, and industry cycles.
  • Don’t overspend on a venture; pay attention to costs.
  • Utilize market volatility to your advantage by controlling your portfolio’s cash holdings.
  • Be market-cap and sector-neutral while looking for excessive upside potential. Top-down and bottom-up approaches are combined in the selection of portfolio firms.
  • Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on the firms while being flexible and moving across industries with economic cycles.
  • Keep an eye on value, look for underpriced prospects, and avoid paying too much for enterprises.
  • Manage your cash positions actively to profit from market volatility.
  • Focus on high risks adjusted returns rather than taking excessive risks to attain high rewards.

They strongly believe that investing can be both an art and a science. In addition to creating a framework that turns the art of investing into a systematic design process, they want to be rigorous in their approach to the science of investing.

Their approach to investing is to have an open mind to the possibility that a worldwide event might have a swift and significant influence on the economy, which is becoming more globalized. Consequently, they aim to maximize our investment portfolio so that they can both benefit from growth and protect ourselves from it in the case of a downturn. They achieve this by combining Value and Growth equities in their portfolio to great effect.


Product - AMC Category AUM (in Cr.) Performance 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y 5Y 10Y SI

Quest Flagship

AMC Name: Quest Investment Advisors Inc Date: 12th Oct 2007
Multi Cap
585 Strategy 4.46 9.27 13.75 21.96 6.80 16.00 13.98 18.10 16.31
NSE 500 8.03 12.35 18.51 26.55 15.14 20.40 17.62 16.13 10.75

Quest Multi

AMC Name: Quest Investment Advisors Inc Date: 3rd Aug 2014
Multi Cap
768 Strategy 7.68 11.61 15.27 26.70 10.42 19.92 17.15 NA 15.71
NSE 500 8.03 12.35 18.51 26.55 15.14 20.40 17.62 NA 14.45

ValueQuest Platinum

AMC Name: ValueQuest Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd Inc Date: 24-Jul-14
Multi Cap
751.72 Strategy 3.25 8.66 21.46 53.3 25.29 37.5 29.7 NA 21.23
BSE500 8.03 12.35 18.51 26.55 15.14 20.39 17.62 NA 14.1

ValueQuest Growth

AMC Name: ValueQuest Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd Inc Date: 7-Oct-10
Multi Cap
1078.88 Strategy 4.01 7.37 24.36 56.69 22.02 34.31 25.42 19.66 19.1
BSE500 8.03 12.35 18.51 26.55 15.14 20.39 17.62 16.13 12.04

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