Quest Investment Advisors Multi PMS

Quest Investment Advisors Multi PMS

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2014
Number of Stocks 30
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Aniruddha Sarkar

About Fund Managers

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Aniruddha Sarkar is a bachelor in commerce from St. Xavier’s College. He specialized in accountancy. Mr. Sarkar further pursued his Master’s in business administration in finance from the International Management Institute.

After his Master’s, he went on to work with IIFL Investment Managers for more than eight years. Aniruddha Sarkar joined IIFL in 2008 as a Senior Equity Research Analyst. Two years into the company, he was promoted to be Associate Vice President. In November 2013, Mr. Sarkar became the vice president and a portfolio manager at IIFL Investment Managers.

He started working with IIFL Asset Management as the Principal Fund Manager for two years and ten months from 2017 to 2020. Mr. Sarkar is working as the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager at Quest Investment Advisors Private Limited.

Unique Feature

Curating portfolios that can stand the test of time

Investment Philosophy

Generating Alpha in such a way that it can beat the benchmark. The fund has major allocation in companies with stable earnings. They avoid themes that are structurally weak, for investing. One of their key strategies is to actively manage cash levels in the portfolio and book timely profits. Quest investment advisors multi PMS also invests in companies that have valuation comfort with ample margin of safety. 


What is Quest Investment Advisors’ vision?

Quest Investment Advisors’ vision is to compound value for their clients. Their aim for the coming decade is to organically grow to achieve a position in India’s Top 5 pure-play portfolio management systems. Quest Investment Advisors also aims to achieve consistency in generating superior returns.

What is Quest Investment Advisors’ mission?

Quest Investment Advisors’ mission is to institutionalize their more than 30 years of experience and use it as the compass to navigate the Indian equity market. They also aim to employ their knowledge in creating a framework for accelerated growth.

What are the values of Quest Investment Advisors?

Quest Investment Advisors’ values are based on six pillars which are:

Customer focus: They focus on creating sustainable long-term value for their clients. They believe in keeping customers as their priority.


Giving back to society: Quest Investment Advisors aim to make the community a better place for the marginalized segments and cater to them and strive to do so humbly.

Long-term thinking: They aim to generate higher and sustainable long-term outperformance. Quest Investment Advisors believe and stand by long-term compounding.

Process Driven culture: They have specific pre-formed meticulous frameworks which they employ while investing.

Integrity and consistency: Quest Investment Advisors lay great focus on the principles of integrity and consistency

Trust through consistency: Quest Investment Advisors strive to achieve the trust of their clients, which is possible through transparency which they try to maintain.

What is Quest Investment Advisors’ operation culture?

Quest Investment Advisors’ operation culture is process-driven. They believe in creating a process-driven culture that facilitates forming a meticulous framework that can guide investing in the turbulent waters of Indian equity markets.

Do Quest Investment Advisors believe in transparency?

Quest Investment Advisors believe in building a trust factor with their clients. Trust can only be formed when there is transparency. Hence Quest Investment Advisors value keeping work transparent and also creating and encouraging dialogue with their clients.

What are Quest Investment Advisors’ Behavioural traits?

Quest Investment Advisors’ behavioural traits are Quality first, Process orientation, Passionate, Meticulous, Collaborative, Humane, honest, and long-haul play.

What does Quest Investment Advisors have to offer for its clients?

Quest Investment Advisors’ objective is to generate long-term capital appreciation for their clients. They also focus on providing superior risk-adjusted returns in the long term by investing in good stocks. Quest Investment Advisors select stock from their basket of high-quality companies across market capitalizations. They offer three different offerings for their clients: quest flagship, quest multi, and quest focus.