Sage One – Flagship Growth 2 Fund

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SageOne – Flagship Growth 2 Fund

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2021
Number of Stocks 15-20
Investment Horizon 3 years
Fund Managers Mr. Samit Vartak, CFA

About Company

sage one investment has been founded in the year 2012 and their cofounder is Mr. Samit Vartak, they offer investment management services through PMS and AIF. In today’s world, long, perilous groundwork is a very inefficient investment area, and it will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. From absolute growth to relative positioning, from immediate triggers to long-term moats, from top management to mid and ground-level employees, and from end-users to distribution channels and supply drivers, we aim to dive multi-level deeper in every facet of investment decision. When it comes to assessing the company’s long-term potential, this gives us an advantage over the competitors.

Unique Feature

The SageOne – Flagship Growth 2 Fund focuses on market-leading companies with a 20%+ CAGR earnings growth potential that is trading at a discount or fair value. We search for companies in stable industries with sizable and expanding markets for their goods and services that have a sustained competitive edge. If a company’s performance is subpar, the stock price is irrelevant, and we wouldn’t be interested in it. We have been able to provide the finest returns thanks to our ability to understand businesses, careful planning, and a strong staff. Investors should be ready for times of underperformance relative to the larger market because the strategy is likewise concentrated on small and mid-cap securities.

Unique Sector Allocation Process
  • Businesses that offer minimum individual 20% compounded earnings growth and minimum portfolio 25% compounded earnings growth 
  • Businesses that increase market share, which adds significantly to their profits growth
  • Businesses that are robust and successful with ROE > 20% to internally finance this expansion
  • Businesses that generate greater additional ROE than current ROE often lead to higher margins and value multiples
  • Most effective participants in the sectors we support; leaders or anticipated to be leaders as a result of their superior positioning and strategy

By providing their customers with specialized information and guidance as well as support along their investment journey, SageOne seeks to fulfill the role of the ideal guardian for their clients.

The following advantages come with investing with SageOne:

  • Top-notch investment instruction will be given to investors.
  • The back-office report is accessible, providing investors with the most recent data.
  • Email or SMS notifications of all transactions.
  • Demonstrating adaptable investing strategies.
  • With the vast expertise of SageOne, achieve the greatest outcomes.
The Strengths of SageOne – Flagship Growth 2 Fund

Timely Entry

Proven track record of identifying multi-baggers: Bajaj Finance, PI Industries, Maharashtra Scooters, Deepak Nitrite, APL Apollo Tubes, Godrej Properties, Aarti Industries, Amara Raja, La Opala, etc.

Successful Exits

Successful more often than not at timely exits: ‐ Bajaj Finance, PI Ind, La Opala, Kaveri Seeds, Page, SPARC, Amara Raja, Sundaram Finance, Cera, Repco, Exide, etc.

In-Depth Understanding

  • Understanding emerging economic trends, businesses, and their competitiveness
  • Strong network enabling robust ground checks
  • Ability to identify companies that grow at a significantly higher rate than the industry
  • The last seven year’s portfolio weighted average earnings growth of 30% (CAGR)

Investment Management Team & Process

  • Team with collective 50+ years of experience and across several cycles
  • Bottoms-up research supported by a scientific screening process for shortlisting the right sectors & stocks
  • The extremely replicable process with proper back-end quantitative & qualitative research 
Risk Management Framework

Prudent Stock Selection

  • Financial and business analysis by using public databases on in-house models
  • Internal Forensic model for culling out questionable business practices and management
  • Portfolio construction targeting to minimize non-systematic risk

Sectoral And Stock Limits

  • The maximum allocation of 25% to anyone/closely related sector/s; Sectors can be related by common end-users as well as common raw material exposures
  • Maximum 20% exposure to any business group

Timely Rebalancing

  • Prudent rebalancing strategy in place to strengthen winners and cull out losers
  • Active calls on portfolio liquidity levels basis external risk factors such as:
    • Macroeconomic parameters
    • Market volatility
    • Valuations

Active Monitoring And Action

  • Strong network across industries for channel checks across portfolio companies and competition
  • Active entry/exit calls depending on changing business dynamics or valuations

Conversation with Mr. Samit Vartak, Sageone Investment Manager

About Fund Managers

Samit Vartak Founder & CIO, SageOne Investment Managers - AIf pms Expert

Samit Vartak
Chief Investment Officer

Samit Vartak is the founder and chief investment officer of SageOne Investment Managers LLP. He has experience of about ten years of identifying and investing in multi-baggers. Mr. Vartak is renowned for his investment choices. He is skilled and knowledgeable about corporate strategy and valuation. Mr. Vartak shares his skills in prestigious investor forums and business schools as a guest speaker. His company has a quarterly newsletter that is widely read by the investment community.

Mr. Vartak, a bachelor of engineering with honours, further pursued his studies and completed his Master’s in business administration. He did his MBA from Olin business school of Washington University, USA. Samit Vartak is also a certified financial accountant from the USA.

Mr. Vartak had worked in management consultancy and valuation in the USA until 2006 when he returned to India. He has also worked with well-known companies like Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting, and Gap Inc.

Click Here about Samit Vartak

Sage One investment Philosophy

SageOne believes in and stands by the following philosophy while investing:

SageOne believes in investing in high-growth businesses. They trace and track companies that gain and hold market share, contributing significantly to their earnings growth. The criteria they apply while selecting these businesses is they should have long-term growth potential of more than 20% per annum and 25% at the portfolio level. Those businesses that satisfy the earlier stated criteria should not require additional dilution of equity to achieve growth. This does not apply to financial companies with a long-term growth potential above 20%.

SageOne believes in and is known for dealing with clean and competent management. While investing, there is always a threat of fraud. There is much management that steals from the investor’s money. SageOne maintains a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to such control. They prefer letting go of a supposedly good opportunity if they hold even a tiny doubt about the management’s integrity.

SageOne believes in sustainable competitive advantage. They look for companies and businesses which have a long-term competitive advantage. This shall be validated by their market leadership. They focus on industries that appeal to them from a long-term value creation point of view. SageOne keeps a close and active look at Return on Capital. Return on Capital is an excellent indicator of the quality of the management team and the competitive advantage of a business. ROCE and ROE of at least 20% achieved without an excessive amount of leverage are what SageOne focuses on.

SageOne maintains its primary focus on superior and high-growth businesses. They would not buy a weak business irrespective of its price. SageOne believes that the winners will take care of themselves to avoid the losers within the practical investment market.


What is SageOne’s aim?

SageOne aims to serve as perfect guardians to their clients by giving them special knowledge, advice and help them throughout their investment journey.

How does SageOne choose businesses to invest in?

Sage looks for the following businesses to invest in:

S- Sustainable

A- Accountable

G- Growth-oriented

E- Efficient.

What type of services are offered by SageOne Investment PMS?

SageOne offers both discretionary and nondiscretionary Portfolio Management Services.

What is the fee structure or commission slab of SageOne?

For the details of fees and commission, feel free to contact

Write your queries and investment-related issues, and we will reply to you soon.

What are the benefits which one would get while investing with SageOne investment PMS?

Investing with SageOne will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Investors will receive top faculty for investing.
  • Availability of back-office report, where investors will get all the latest information.
  • Information about all the transactions via email or SMS.
  • Proving flexible investment plans.
  • Get the best results with the tremendous experience of SageOne.

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Product - AMC Category AUM (in Cr.) Performance 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y 5Y 10Y SI

SageOne Core Portfolio

AMC Name: SageOne Investment Managers Inc Date: April, 2012
Mid Cap
2750 Strategy 5.80 12.80 36.10 52.70 11.40 25.30 23.70 25.00 27.70
Average of NSE Mid-cal 100 TRI and NSE Small-cap 100 TRI 8.00 12.40 18.50 26.50 15.10 20.40 17.60 16.10 15.10

SageOne Small & Micro cap Portfolio

AMC Name: SageOne Investment Managers Inc Date: April, 2019
Small Cap
980 Strategy 5.40 10.30 22.50 35.20 10.60 30.40 NA NA 30.50
NSE Small-cap 100 TRI 8.00 12.40 18.50 26.50 15.10 20.40 NA NA 15.70

SageOne – Flagship Growth 2 Fund *

AMC Name: SageOne Investment Managers Inc Date: Aug-21
long only
810 Strategy 10.4 11.5 36.9 35.0 15.7 NA NA NA 13.9
NSE MID CAP 7.1 6.2 14.4 13.4 12.1 NA NA NA 12.5

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