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SageOne Large Cap Portfolio

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2020
Number of Stocks Around 20-25
Investment Horizon 3-10 Years
Fund Managers Samit Vartak

About Company

SageOne Investment PMS is a market leader in offering high-quality PMS solutions all over the country. In case of business understanding, the company goes deep, as in granular, and continues its research about the business by talking to many layers of management personnel, key competitors, and even tends to go much deeper with groundwork at retail points, key suppliers, customers, and distributors to discover or understand every risk, driver, strategic competitive positioning of the business.

We will gain a thorough grasp of SageOne Investment Portfolio Management Services, including its Commission models, Strategies, Investment plans, Prepaid Commission model, Yearly returns, and much more, in this article.

Fund Overview

With dynamic markets and increasing client demand for a LargeCap centred strategy, SageOne has been assessing a LargeCap strategy for investors to generate sustained and superior risk-adjusted returns at the lowest possible cost. However, there is a limited opportunity to outperform benchmark indexes using an actively managed LargeCap strategy because this market is highly researched and has few inefficiencies.

They backtested numerous strategies over the previous 19 years using intensive research efforts that lasted over six months to find the best risk-adjusted returns approach across market cycles. By combining the results with decades of fundamental study, we were able to create a ‘Passively Managed LargeCap Portfolio Strategy of 16 Best Businesses,’ which achieves the goal of providing stable and superior risk-adjusted returns at the lowest possible cost.

Investment Philosophy 

Over an economic cycle, the goal of this focused portfolio is to beat benchmark indexes by at least 5% (annualised). This is accomplished by focusing on high-growth companies with a long-term competitive advantage and clean and professional management.

High Growth Businesses

We search for companies that increase their market share, representing a large amount of their profits growth. The company should have a long-term growth potential of more than 20% per year, and it should not require too much more share dilution (save for financial businesses) to accomplish such growth.

Clean and Competent Management

The most crucial factor in India is to avoid managements that are here to steal from investors, of whom there are many. Here, we have a “zero” tolerance policy and prefer to pass up a nice opportunity even if we have some reservations about the management’s honesty.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

We search for companies with a long-term competitive advantage verified by market leadership in areas that are appealing in terms of long-term wealth development. Return on capital (ROCE) is an excellent measure of the management team’s competence and a company’s competitive edge. Typically, we want a sustainable ROCE and ROE of at least 20% accomplished without excessive indebtedness (debt).

About Fund Managers

Samit Vartak ( Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer ) 

Samit Vartak is SageOne Investment Advisors LLP’s Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer. Samit has been trading in the stock market since 1999 and has witnessed and researched several bull and bear cycles over the previous two decades. Samit’s priority is to create long-term wealth for his clients, even if it means preceding short-term profits. He believes in risk management by establishing a decently diversified portfolio of good quality firms with long-term competitive advantages in attractive and fast-growth industries, rather than attempting excessive diversity or buying sub-par businesses at cheap multiples.

Samit came back to India in 2006 after spending ten years in the United States, first in corporate strategy with Gap Inc. and PwC Consulting, and then in company valuation and M&A with Deloitte and Ernst & Young. This expertise provides the foundation for him to comprehend firms and their true worth better. Samit possesses a CFA license, an MBA from the Olin School of Business at Washington University in the United States, and a Bachelor of Engineering with Honors from the Sardar Patel College of Engineering (SPCE) at Mumbai University. Samit aggressively disseminates his knowledge through investor newsletters, CFA society/industry forums, and media interviews.


What is the foundation of Sage One Investment Managers?

SageOne Investment Managers is a reputable investment management organization in India founded with the express goal of creating real wealth for our customers (UHNIs, family offices, etc.) by obtaining attractive returns while minimizing risk. Even as we strive for greater returns, our main aim is that our advice provides consistency, capital protection, and superior performance in difficult circumstances.

Investment Objective – Superior returns, low risk

Investment approach – Businesses with a long-term competitive advantage in appealing sectors in terms of long-term value creation

What is the Investment Framework of Sage One?

  1. Qualitative screening to weed out PSUs and enterprises with poor corporate governance.
  2. The approach is quantitatively defined ais focused on greater profits growth, capital efficiency, and cash flow creation.

What is the type of SageOne Large Cap Portfolio Construction?

Equal-weighted, Open-ended

How many types are there in SageOne Investment PMS?

SageOne Investment PMS provides both discretionary and non-discretionary services. The company’s discretionary PMs Fund managers are given unlimited flexibility to choose relevant companies and develop a portfolio for the client.

How many investment plans are there in SageOne?

However, a set sum of Rs 50 lakhs is required to initiate a transaction with the PMS house. Sagone brokerage business offers four types of investment plans: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, from which clients may select the one that best suits their needs.

Product - AMC Category AUM (in Cr.) Performance 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y 5Y 10Y SI

SageOne Core Portfolio

AMC Name: SageOne Investment Managers Inc Date: April, 2012
Mid Cap
2750 Strategy 5.80 12.80 36.10 52.70 11.40 25.30 23.70 25.00 27.70
Average of NSE Mid-cal 100 TRI and NSE Small-cap 100 TRI 8.00 12.40 18.50 26.50 15.10 20.40 17.60 16.10 15.10

SageOne Small & Micro cap Portfolio

AMC Name: SageOne Investment Managers Inc Date: April, 2019
Small Cap
980 Strategy 5.40 10.30 22.50 35.20 10.60 30.40 NA NA 30.50
NSE Small-cap 100 TRI 8.00 12.40 18.50 26.50 15.10 20.40 NA NA 15.70

SageOne – Flagship Growth 2 Fund *

AMC Name: SageOne Investment Managers Inc Date: Aug-21
long only
810 Strategy 10.4 11.5 36.9 35.0 15.7 NA NA NA 13.9
NSE MID CAP 7.1 6.2 14.4 13.4 12.1 NA NA NA 12.5

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