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SBI Growth with Values PMS

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2016
Number of Stocks 23
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Ms Aparna Shankar

Unique Feature

SBI Growth with Values PMS Funds Management Limited has become one of India’s top players, offering advice to several financial institutions, pension funds, and domestic and foreign asset management firms. We also utilise our wealth management expertise to provide opulent retail services to High Net-worth Investors. They built their PMS solutions after learning about investors’ needs and anticipated returns. They are a joint venture between SBI and one of the top investment management firms in the world, AMUNDI (France).

Management: Seeking businesses with honesty, long-term planning, a solid track record, effective capital allocation, and openness and accountability

Business: Companies that can benefit from the magnitude of the opportunity, the return on capital, the pricing power, the capital intensity, and the risk of disruption are chosen.

Valuation: Examine discounted cash flow and comparable valuations to find firms.

Values-Based Growth Strategy

SBI Growth with Values is a multi-cap-focused strategy that primarily searches for businesses using predetermined ESG criteria. They want to purchase outstanding companies run by wonderful people for a fair price.

  • A multi-cap strategy that includes large, midsize, and small caps is called “Growth with Values.”
  • We are concentrating on making investments in businesses that adhere to high standards of ESG responsibility.
  • Choosing corporations that profit disproportionately from economic growth for a fair price
Portfolio Qualifiers
  • Purchasing shares of firms that uphold high standards of environmental, social, and corporate governance
  • We will concentrate on specialist enterprises with an environment suitable for many growths and longevity.
  • Invest in businesses that benefit disproportionately from economic growth.

About Fund Managers

Aparna Shanker ( Portfolio Manager ) 

Aparna began her career with SBIFM in 2007 as a research analyst before being promoted to Portfolio Manager. She spent four years as a research analyst at Sahara Asset Management and Birla Global Finance before joining SBI Funds Management.

Aparna Shanker has more than 32 years of expertise in the Indian mutual fund business. In 1989, she began her work at Unit Trust of India.

She was named one of the ‘Top 100 Women in Finance’ by the Association of International Wealth Management in India in March 2019.

Aparna has a bachelor’s degree in science and general law, as well as an MBA in finance and a postgraduate diploma in forex and Treasury management. She is an IIM Ahmedabad alumna who finished the Management Development Program.

Investment Philosophy

  • SBI Growth with Value PMS focusses on investing in companies that meet positive standards of environmental, social, and governance accountability, as established by the ESG system. SBI Growth with value fund focuses on niche industries with a favourable market for multi-fold growth and long-term sustainability.
  • It invests in industries that profit disproportionately from economic development.

Here’s more about the ESG framework followed by SBI Growth and Value PMS: 

  • Strong Corporate MANAGEMENT: Considering the needs of all stakeholders.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Companies treat their staff, clients, and communities with respect.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Stop companies that damage the environment.

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