Stallion Asset PMS

Stallion Asset PMS

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2018
Number of Stocks 10-20
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers CFA Amit Jeswani

About Fund Managers

Amit Jeswani Stallion

CFA Amit Jeswani is the founder and CIO of Stallion Assets PMS and is the fund manager of funds like Stallion Asset Core Fund. He has pursued CMT, and is an MBA degree holder. He has more than 6 years of rich experience in the Indian capital markets.

Unique Feature

Invest in leading businesses


What does Stallion Asset do?

Stallion Asset helps in creating wealth by investing in Indian stocks. The stallion will recommend what stocks to buy, when to buy, why to buy, and when to sell. It is a SEBI registered company that has constantly delivered better results for its clients.

Does Stallion Asset provide intraday calls?

No, Stallion Asset only works in medium to long-term Equities, and they do not work on derivative data points.

How will the clients of Stallion Asset know when to buy or sell the Asset?

Our clients receive an instant message or email as soon as we design any recommendation or report. You can just quickly log in and download the report. We also have WhatsApp facilities for our clients.

Does Stallion Asset provide any brokerage facility?

Stallion Asset does not provide any brokerage fees as they are an Independent Equity Research Firm. Clients can willingly choose their broker according to their comforts.

What is Stallion Asset’s investment philosophy?

Stallion Asset has a unique philosophy that works on catching prominent trends in the market. They look for companies that can give multiple times returns to their clients. Stallion Asset looks for the companies that are mainly ignored by analysts.

What are the cases in which Stallion Asset uses its selling strategy?

Stallion Asset rarely sells; here are the few cases in which they use their selling strategy:

  • Better investment opportunity
  • Future assumptions go false
  • Extremely overvalued
  • Long-term breakdown in the stock or market.

What is the buying strategy of Stallion Asset?

The specific criteria that make buying strategy of Stallion Asset are:

  • The free cash flow generator
  •  Low on leverage
  • Reasonable valuation
  • Competitive advantage over competitors
  • Intelligent and ethical management team

What is the fees structure of Stallion Asset?

To know about fees structure and any investment-related queries. You can contact https://aifpms.com/contact/. Write your questions here, and we will revert to you soon.

Why choose Stallion Asset?

Stallion Asset works to create wealth for the retail and HNI category investors. Stallion Asset delivers quality research at a reasonable price.

What returns does Stallion Asset deliver?

Stallion Asset does not guarantee returns as per SEBI  guidelines. But they assure to beat the benchmark comfortably. For many years they have managed to create a wealth of a superior CAGR of 20-25%+. Stallion Asset has been known for its trust for years.

Investment Philosophy

  • Stallion Asset PMS seeks to invest in the bull run’s leader every 1-3 years since the fund manager suspects that the previous bull run’s leader will not lead the next bull run, and therefore has a knack for finding leaders for all bull runs.
  • Solid earnings momentum produces champions in bull markets – the plan seeks to invest in businesses with earnings growth of close to 20% each year for the next 1-3 years.