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About Company

Sundaram Alternate Assets Ltd. (SA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sundaram Asset Management Company Limited (SAMC), which specializes in high-net-worth individuals’ investing needs (HNIs). SAMC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sundaram Lending Limited, India’s largest non-banking finance firm. Under the Sundaram umbrella, there are two divisions: Sundaram Portfolio Managers (SPM) and Sundaram Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs). Sundaram Alternates tailors solutions to assist you to achieve your long-term wealth-building goals, based on a foundation of trust. Our fund management team has over three decades of experience in the real estate and stock markets, and our strategies are based on cutting-edge industry standards, robust operational models, data-backed research, and transparency to give your money the edge it requires. Invest with the help of Join us and take the next step forward.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2016
Number of Stocks 20
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers MadanaGopal Ramu

Unique Feature

To invest mainly in equity in order to achieve long-term capital growth.

Investment Philosophy

  • Buy and hold strategy with only long positions.
  • Stock collection from the bottom up Growth is available at a fair price (GARP)

About Fund Manager

With almost 15 years of expertise in the Indian Financial Markets, Mr. Madanagopal Ramu is the Fund Manager and Head of Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) Category III. He presently oversees roughly Rs. 3400 crores in assets under management (AUM) and has 5 years of fund management expertise. At India’s Smart Money Manager Awards 2021, Sundaram Emerging Leadership Fund (S.E.L.F.) was placed second among Best Mid and Small Cap Funds. He joined Sundaram Mutual Fund as a Research Analyst from Centrum Broking in 2010 and has progressed quickly throughout his time there. In April 2015, he was named Head of Equity Research, and in January 2016, he began actively managing funds. He appears to have solid academic credentials, including a Cost Accountant certification and a Management degree from BIM Trichy.

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Disclaimer: Investing Involves Risk. This document is for information purposes only and should not be viewed as a legal offering document or solicitation. Offers to invest in this fund are made only by the Discretionary Portfolio Management Services Agreement. Past performance does not guarantee future results and there is no assurance that the managed accounts will necessarily achieve their objectives. We do not guarantee any returns in the hand of investors not we take any sort of accountability for the performance of the scheme. The above-mentioned data is collected from the respected Fund house please verify the same at SEBI website.