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Upside AI Top 250

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2020
Number of Stocks 17
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Ms. Kanika Agarrwal

About Company – We founded Upside AI in 2017 with the premise that, over time, technology would be able to make better investment decisions than humans. Because robots are neutral, emotionless, and unaffected by market ecstasy and terror, this is the case. Our goal is to provide you with the most advanced investment technologies while maximizing your upside.

Products across the risk-return spectrum –

Upside Navigator – Asset allocation across equities, debt, and gold is determined using macro signals.

Target long-term returns of 12-15 percent with very minimal volatility and drawdowns.

Upside 250 – Focuses on the top 250 stocks in terms of market capitalization (big and mid-cap). Above the long term, aim for a 5% alpha over the benchmark.

Upside Multicap – Market cap agnostic flexicap product with a large allocation to small-caps

Target a long-term alpha of 10% to 15% over the benchmark.

Framework –

Use macros to quantify market circumstances.

Find the best asset combination for you.

Returns in the mid-teens with moderate volatility and drawdowns

Upside 250: 1.5% management fee + 10% profit share (10% hurdle)   2.0% management fee (no profit share)

Upside Navigator: 1.0% management fee (no profit share)

About Fund Managers

Kanika Agarrwal, ( CFA ) 

Kanika has dedicated her entire career to investing. Prior to joining the public markets, she worked in venture capital with Mayfield India (AUM $200 million), investment banking at Credit Suisse, and accounting at EY.

Kanika enjoys playing strategic board games and hopes to visit every place on the planet.

Investment Philosophy

  • Wyca Top 250 focuses on India’s top 250 companies by market capitalization. It will have a 15-20 business diversified portfolio that will be rebalanced annually.
  • The Portfolio Manager then scans and analyses the securities in the portfolio on a qualitative basis.

Unique Feature

Invest in top 250 companies in India by Market cap.

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