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Valentis Multi-Cap Fund PMS

Fund Snapshot

Inception Date: 01st October 2018
Fund Manager: Jyotivardhan Jaipuria
Fund Manager Experience: 32 years

About The Valentis AMC

Valentis PMS has the makings of a successful niche PMS supplier. Because of its founder’s solid research background (despite his lack of fund management expertise), as well as a strong concentration on value investing, this is a good alternative for investors looking to invest in value equities.

Investment Objectives:

  • Large-cap (top 100) corporations account for 20-40% of the portfolio.
  • This will allow the portfolio to be a dynamic mix of well-known, liquid brands as well as mid-caps that may benefit more from a cyclical bounce.
  • The fund seeks to achieve an appropriate balance of reduced volatility in large-cap companies and better return potential in mid-cap names.
  • The buy-and-hold strategy is still the most effective.

Why Choose Valentis

  • Client-centered strategy: The founders would put their money into the same fund as you.
  • Our goals are the same as yours: Superior performance is rewarded with performance fees.
  • The founders have skin in the game: they’d put money into the same fund as you.
  • Flexible options: We are pleased to collaborate with you to develop bespoke investment solutions.
  • Strong pedigree and financial market experience: The founder has worked in the financial business for over 30 years and has effectively carved out a space for research-based, non-consensus viewpoints.

Investment Philosophy

  • and the higher return potential of mid-cap and small-cap stocks.
  • Depending on our assessment of risk-adjusted returns in all categories, the weighting between big caps and mid-caps will be modified dynamically.
  • The fund will continue to place a premium on our research capabilities. Our portfolio will be a buy-and-hold strategy that focuses on providing investors with a long-term compounding return.
  • In-depth analysis of gut instincts and market attitudes
  • Process-driven market research combines science and art to remove market noise.
  • The method is largely scientific. This entails a screening process to find concepts, followed by extensive modelling to arrive at reasonable values.
  • Looking at market sentiments and avoiding herd mentality is a bit of an art.

Portfolio Strategy

They invest in companies that are at the inflection point in growth. Their portfolio would be a mix of companies that are value plays and growth plays available at a reasonable price.

Investment Objective

  • The scheme’s goal is to increase money over the medium to long term by investing in carefully selected equities, particularly in the Mid and Small company area.
  • Most of the time, the portfolio follows a purchase and hold strategy.
  • The three of us are the centre of attention (Under-owned, under-valued and undiscovered stocks)

About Fund Manager

Jyotivardhan Jaipuria

Mr. Jyotivardhan Jaipuria


Jyotivardhan Jaipuria has almost two decades of expertise in the field. At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, he was the Head of Research and India Strategist. He was instrumental in establishing the research team as India’s premier research supplier as well as one of the country’s top institutional brokers. Leading institutional investors in India ranked him as one of the top strategists in the country. Jyotivardhan has also served on the DSP Merrill Lynch Board of Directors, the Asia Pacific Research Executive and Operating Committees, the India Country Leadership Team (CLT), and other management committees.

He worked in the Project Financing Department of ICICI before joining DSP Merrill Lynch. Jyotivardhan earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Sydenham College and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad.

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