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ValueQuest Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2016
Number of Stocks 15-30
Investment Horizon 3-5 years
Fund Managers Sameer Shah

ValueQuest is a boutique SEBI-registered Portfolio Management firm that deals with Insurance and other financial services. With two decades of industry expertise, the ValueQuest research team has an unrivaled track record for finding outstanding equities. 

About Company -

An effective wealth management framework”

We take a concentrated portfolio approach to investing, relying on our extensive study and analysis to identify firms with the best fundamentals. As a result, we can continue to benefit from the market fluctuations as long as we believe in the company’s long-term prospects. We offer services to both individuals and corporate clients, offering products like credit, investment banking, real estate etc.

Finally, frequent trading increases costs and lowers total returns, making it more important to find value early on and stay invested even if it goes against popular opinion. We ensure that adequate liquid stocks are maintained to meet any unexpected events and that portfolios are developed based on the client’s profile and risk tolerance.

We ensure that adequate supplies of liquid assets are maintained to face unforeseen events and that client profiles and risk tolerance are considered when building portfolios. However, Financial advice offered by the marketing and investment company will help clients gain a better understanding of how different products can benefit them.

Investment Strategy 

  • Large Addressable  External Opportunity 
  • Sustainable  Competitive  Advantage 
  • Scalable Business  Model 
  • Management with  Integrity and capability 
  • Valuations with margins of safety

About Fund Managers

Sameer Shah ( Fund Manager ) 

Value Quest’s Sameer Shah is the firm’s Research and Portfolio Management head. He holds a Chartered Accountancy degree with over 22 years of capital markets experience, including 20 years as an accountant at Capital Markets World Group in London. Previously, he was vice president of business development at FCH Centrum, BRICS Securities, and Share.







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Founder & CIO of Value Quest

Ravi Dharamshi has completed his MBA in Finance from MCCallam Business School, US. he has a keen interest in the Finance sector and also did his brief internship at Salomon Smith Barney an investment division of Citigroup. He has been associated with Indian stock markets for more than 21 years. Before moving to Value Quest he worked in stock market business, private equity deals, and value creation activities. he has great track records in stock picking and has a great ability to take bold calls, he has been serving in generating outsized investment returns. In Value quest, he currently heads Investment Strategy and Research where he focuses on generating research ideas to maximize investment returns.

Investment Philosophy

“There are two ways to get rich in the stock market. The first is to time the market and purchase assets when they are cheap and sell them when they are expensive. The second is to invest in outstanding firms and keep them.” — Phil FisherTheir objective is to find outstanding firms and select them for you.

  •  Aligned Interests – Investors with 30 years of expertise and skin in the game have created and run it.
  • Integrity – Clients’ highest levels of integrity have been verified.
  • Focus – With a proven track record, you can focus on equities.
  • Stability – Our core team has remained consistent and will continue to do so.
  • Personal & Accessible – Our clients have full access to the staff at any time they choose.
  • Long-term relationships – The majority of our clients have a significant total equity position in us, as well as ties that span decades.

ValueQuest Investment Management Pvt. Ltd. offers to its clients, Investment Advisory Services for Mutual Funds, Asset management services and Direct plans through AIFs and FOFs, Wealth planning and Retirement planning solutions and Investment management and consultancy services.

Unique Feature

Depending on the Client’s risk tolerance, the Portfolio Manager’s investing philosophy emphasizes maximizing the risk-adjusted returns. A disciplined investing strategy with proper risk controls has been implemented to accomplish the same. A committed equity research team supports the PMS team.

Stock picking from the bottom up is one of the main tenets of the investment philosophy and strategy.

Thorough, impartial, essential study.

High-caliber businesses with enduring competitive advantages.

Using several value metrics in a systematic manner.

Low portfolio turnover as a result of long-term thinking.

Investments in MF/ETF units

The following categories roughly describe the services that the Portfolio Manager provides.

Independent Services:

Under these services, it is up to the portfolio manager to decide when and how much to invest.

According to the Agreement, the Portfolio Manager shall have the sole and unrestricted discretion to invest in any security on behalf of the Client’s account, to make changes to the investment, and to invest all or a portion of the Client’s Portfolio in any manner and any markets that it deems appropriate. The Client may not examine or contest the Portfolio Manager’s decision to deploy the Client’s Portfolio throughout the term of the Agreement or at any other time.

Value quest growth 

The scheme’s primary goal is to invest in all equity and equity-related instruments, debt instruments (such as liquid funds, fixed deposits, etc.), and securities listed or traded on any recognized stock exchange, with a focus on fundamentally strong, thoroughly investigated businesses with promising futures, regardless of market capitalization. Maximizing compounding’s power is the goal. Here, the guiding principles are to choose high-quality businesses with a track record of success at fair prices and then let compounding work its magic. The idea is to ride the company’s or industry’s growth phase over a rolling 3-5 year time frame. Regulation and policy risk, sluggish development, and inefficient capital allocation are major hazards.

The majority of the asset allocation would be in stocks. The remaining portfolio may be invested at the portfolio manager’s discretion in bank accounts, liquid mutual funds, fixed income securities, or ETFs.

Why the S&P BSE 500 was selected as the benchmark: The S&P BSE 500 index aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the Indian market. The index, which comes from the top 500 businesses listed on the BSE Ltd., spans all significant sectors of the Indian economy. According to the approach, the portfolio manager makes investments across market capitalizations.

Value quest premium

The scheme’s primary goal is to invest in all equity and equity-related instruments, debt instruments (such as liquid funds, fixed deposits, etc.), and securities listed or traded on any recognized stock exchange, with a focus on fundamentally strong, thoroughly investigated businesses with promising futures, regardless of market capitalization. The goal is to spot industry or firm business tailwinds and take advantage of them. Here, the concept is to add young, newly listed, or turnaround stocks to the core portfolio to give extra beta without assuming excessive risk. These stocks will be chosen based on their strong balance sheets and excellent risk-reward ratios.

The investment period for this plan will roll up to three years. Regulation and policy risk, growth delay, and execution risk are important hazards.


How do I invest in Value Quest Investment Management Pvt Ltd.?

You can directly invest in their schemes by contacting them info@valuequest or investing through your registered intermediary such as a broker, bank or distributor.

Who is the Fund Manager for ValueQuest?

The fund manager of ValueQuest is Sameer Shah. He has extensive experience in capital markets and marketing, having worked with companies such as Capital Markets World Group for 20 years

What are the risks associated with ValueQuest?

Their long-term focus, capital preservation strategy and unique portfolio approach allows us to provide you with superior risk-adjusted returns over time in a cost-effective manner. They believe that patience coupled with an astute investment philosophy produce excellent results over time; moreover, Their broad diversification helps to reduce volatility.

Product - AMC Category AUM (in Cr.) Performance 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y 5Y 10Y SI

ValueQuest Platinum

AMC Name: ValueQuest Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd Inc Date: 24-Jul-14
Multi Cap
751.72 Strategy -0.72 6.94 32.2 36.34 19.66 39.08 27.96 NA 20.47
BSE500 -2.72 -1.28 11.05 9.8 6.81 22.07 15.38 NA 12.61

ValueQuest Growth

AMC Name: ValueQuest Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd Inc Date: 7-Oct-10
Multi Cap
1078.88 Strategy -2.56 5.36 32.87 38.18 17.7 34.46 23.42 19.31 18.49
BSE500 -2.72 -1.28 11.05 9.8 6.81 22.07 15.38 14.73 10.98

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Disclaimer: Investing Involves Risk. This document is for information purposes only and should not be viewed as a legal offering document or solicitation. Offers to invest in this fund are made only by the Discretionary Portfolio Management Services Agreement. Past performance does not guarantee future results and there is no assurance that the managed accounts will necessarily achieve their objectives. We do not guarantee any returns in the hand of investors not we take any sort of accountability for the performance of the scheme. The above-mentioned data is collected from the respected Fund house please verify the same at SEBI website.