Vivriti Alpha Debt Fund – Enhanced

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Vivriti Alpha Debt Fund – Enhanced

Fund Snapshot

Fund Type Category II Debt AIF registered with SEBI
Estimated Initial Closing March 2022
Estimated Final Close March 2023
Fund Size INR 500 crores (including green-shoe option)
Fund Tenor 3.5 years from final close
Fund Manager Soumendra Ghosh & Mohammed Irfan

About Company

Vivriti Group was set up in 2017 to make debt markets efficient, transparent and add value to both issuers and investors alike by leveraging technology to discover, execute and monitor debt investments. Marquee equity investors include Creation Investments and Lightrock (Part of the LGT Group)

It is the holding company of the largest technology-enabled debt marketplace in India – CredAvenue. The platform has multiproduct capability, state-of-the-art risk management, and allows for discovery, investment execution and post-investment fulfillment of debt transactions. CredAvenue recently raised one of India’s largest Series A funding rounds at INR 650 crores with investors including Sequoia, Lightrock, Lightspeed and TVS Capital.

Vivriti AMC, part of Vivriti Group, manages fixed income alternative investment funds (AIFs) that raise domestic and global capital to invest into sectors of the group’s focus through CredAvenue. Vivriti AMC has pioneered debt AIF in India with many industry firsts to its credit and has launched 6 Funds till date. Subscribers to the Funds include Banks, Insurance Companies, leading corporates and HNIs.


Credit Outlook

Outlook for credit environment is positive due to sustained recovery in global & domestic demand, fiscal relief measures, monetary policy stimulus and positive trend


About the Product
  • First of its kind, diversified MLD focussed Fund which aims to offer investors superior post-tax returns 
  • Structural protection to Senior Tranche through first loss protection offered by the Sponsor Group

Why This Product?

  • No interest rate risk or MTM risk or volatility due to close-ended nature of the Fund
  • High safety of capital through Sponsor’s participation in First Loss Tranche
  • Diversified underlying sectors ensuring concentration in single sector and entity
  • Strong asset sourcing strength & rigorous monitoring through data analysis, management calls and field visits 
  • Low correlation to other traditional fixed income and equity products, which makes it a good, diversified product from an asset allocation stand-point

Investment Strategy

  • Diversified sector and entity allocation
  • Proven companies and business models which requires growth capital
  • Strong asset sourcing capabilities 

About Fund Managers

Soumendra Ghosh ( Head Capital Markets )

  • Part of the founding member at Vivriti Group & Chief Investment Officer at Vivriti AMC
  • 15 years of experience in structured finance, banking, and technology
  • Structured and closed over US$ 5 Bn of fixed-income deals in domestic and offshore markets

Soumendra Ghosh- Vivriti Alpha Debt Fund – Enhanced



Mohammed Irfan ( Head Financial Services ) 

  • Over 8 years of experience spread across finance, strategy, and credit investing in multiple sectors
  • Successfully managed several high-yield exposures and is experienced in negotiating, structuring, and post-investment management of credit


Mohammed Irfan- Vivriti Alpha Debt Fund – Enhanced


What are Closed-ended funds?

In simple terms, Closed-ended funds are the funds in which an investor cannot enter, and an existing investor cannot exit until the capital scheme ends. In closed-ended funds are free from sudden fluctuations, and fund managers are also not worried about the fund size.

What is Vivriti Capital’s expertise in?

Vivriti Capital is expertise in providing stable and predictable risk-adjusted returns to their investors.

Who all should invest in Vivriti Alpha Debt Fund?

Corporate and bank treasuries, family offices, HNIs, General insurance companies should invest in Vivriti for risk-adjusted returns.

What actually a Vivriti Alpha Debt Fund is?

Debt Funds are similar to lending money and receiving interest with capital appreciation. It aids investors by investing in a variety of fixed income bonds and deposits such as corporate bonds, treasury bills, government securities, etc. A debt fund accumulates profit in the form of Fixed interest earned.

What are the commitments of Vivriti Asset Management?

Vivriti Asset management has raised commitments of over Rs 1,500 crore across its funds and provides tailored debt of Rs 25-75 crore to emerging and mid-sized operating companies, for 2-5 year tenor.

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Disclaimer: Investing Involves Risk. This document is for information purposes only and should not be viewed as a legal offering document or solicitation. Offers to invest in this fund are made only by the Discretionary Portfolio Management Services Agreement. Past performance does not guarantee future results and there is no assurance that the managed accounts will necessarily achieve their objectives. We do not guarantee any returns in the hand of investors not we take any sort of accountability for the performance of the scheme. The above-mentioned data is collected from the respected Fund house please verify the same at SEBI website.