White OAK India Pioneers Equity

White OAK India Pioneers Equity

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2019
Number of Stocks 39
Investment Horizon Long Term
Fund Managers Prashant Khemka

About Fund Managers

Prashant Khemka - AIf pms Expert

Prashant holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in finance from Vanderbilt University, where he was awarded the Matt Wigginton Leadership Award for outstanding financial performance. The CFA designation was bestowed upon him. He has more than 22 years of experience.

Unique Feature

Superior returns over time result in long-term capital appreciation.

Investment Philosophy

  • White OAK India Pioneers Equity follows an  investment strategy based solely on fundamental stock selection from the bottom up.
  • They invest in businesses based on stock selection rather than macro factors, which is a simple but powerful investment philosophy.
  • They believe that investing in great businesses at attractive prices yields outsized returns over time.


1. What is the investment philosophy of White Oak?

White Oak believes in simple yet powerful investment philosophy. White Oak invests in businesses based on stock selection and the stocks are selected basis the Discounted Cash Flows , not looking at the P/E , P/B ratios They invest in great companies which are well-managed, sustainable, and scalable. White Oak invests in companies at attractive prices and targets yielding higher returns.

2. What investment horizon does White Oak cater to?

White Oak invests in businesses for a long-term basis, i.e. long-term investments.

3. What is white oak’s investment strategy?

White Oak follows the investment strategy based only on stock selection instead of establishing it on macro factors. For stock selection, they apply the bottom-up approach. The two methods which they currently have are:

White Oak India Pioneers Equity Portfolio

White Oak Top 200 PMS

4. What are the essential factors which white oak looks for while investing in a business?

White Oak has specific set criteria which they follow and stand by while investing in any business. They only consider investing in good companies at attractive and appealing Valuations . The industry needs to be well-managed, sustainable, and scalable

5. Does White Oak cater to Indian clients?

White Oak caters to Resident as well as Non Resident clients

6. What are the advantages which a client gets from investing with White Oak?

Clients of White Oak have various advantages, one of them being out of the bottom-up approach and Balanced Portfolio construction strategy they they follow. Another advantage is that White Oak invests in business at attractive rates and hence generates higher profits. The clients can also trust White Oak as they only invest in promising companies that are well-managed, sustainable, scalable in the longer run, and will gain higher returns.

7. What products and services does White Oak offer?

White Oak provides services in the form of maintaining portfolios which is balanced and which is created with their bottom-up approach. They currently offer two strategies which are:

White OAK India Pioneers Equity

White Oak India Top 200 PMS

8. What is White Oak’s Investment Culture?

White Oak’s Investment Culture is based on four pillars.

  • Team of Local Experts with lobal Experience
  • Bottom Up Stock Selection Philosophy
  • Time Tested Process
  •  Balanced Portfolio Construction

9. What is the bottom-up approach which White Oak uses for investing?

The Bottom-up in investing which White Oak follows is an investment style based on our Proprietary Opco-Finco Model   in which the investor analyzes the individual stocks. They do not consider the macro-environment or the industry at large.