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14th October 2022, 4:00pm

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Mr.Shankar Sharma

Founder GQuant Investech, a global Fintech and Asset Management company
  • 1986-88: MBA from Asian Institute of Management, Manila. Finished on Dean’s List (Top 10 percent of Class)
  • 1988-1989: Citibank NA, in its Investment Bank, Mumbai. Worked in its Investment Banking Division
  • 1990: Quit Citibank, to start First Global and now GQuant Investech
  • 1999 onwards: Set out to globalize First Global’s operations to international
  • 2000: Gained membership of the prestigious London Stock Exchange
  • 2001: Gained membership of the NASD, US, enabling First Global to start trading in the US market
  • 2002 onward: First Global built its research coverage of global companies and economies around the world. First Global’s research independence, unbiased stance, and ability to discern trends ahead of the street, have made its global research gain tremendous following among institutional investors worldwide
  • Sharma was part of the core Investment Management team in First Global’ Asset Management Business, worldwide
  • In 2022, Founded GQuant Investech, a global Fintech and Asset Management company

Seminal Calls over Decades

Some of Mr. Sharma’s major calls in the past 20 years, have been

Ø Participated in the tech bull run that started in 1997-98

Ø Predicted the 2000 tech crash

Ø Anticipated the 2004-7 Emerging Markets bull run

Ø Predicted the 2008 crash

Ø Predicted US equities bull market from 2010

Ø Early identification of Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Dominos and others

Ø Exited major Equity Positions in February 2020, before the COVID meltdown

  • First Global’s Global Fund and India PMS, had a tremendous 2020, delivering+36-40% returns, finishing at the Top of their respective tables
  • Sharma has been widely quoted in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Financial Times, and has featured on shows like The Mind of The Market on NDTV Profit, in addition to being a guest on several shows on finance and markets on several channels in India and abroad
  • Sharma has been called “The Alchemist of Dalal Street” by Forbes magazine